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Interview with Cash Based Physical Therapist Ann Wendel

Today I had the honor and pleasure to interview Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT. Ann owns and operates Prana Physical Therapy in Alexandria, VA which is a 100% cash based physical therapy practice. She has a very active online presence including her personal blog, Linkedin, and Twitter. She also writes monthly columns for BossFit Magazine, GirlsGoneStrong,…

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3 Inspiring Cash Based Medical Practice Videos

I’ve been watching these inspiring cash based medical practice videos this morning and I wanted to share them with you. There are some distinct differences between cash based or cash pay physical therapy clinics and medical clinics, such as the ability to “opt-out” of medicare, but the similarities are huge. Listen to what these physicians…

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SEO for Cash Pay Physical Therapy Practice

Quick Tip: Basic SEO for your website url

Have you done a Google search for your own website lately? If you do not show up on the 1st page or when people search for your name, do you know how potential patients are going to find you? Open Google and search for these terms: “your name” “your business name“ If you can find…

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Interview with Cash Based Physical Therapist & Pelvic Guru Tracy Sher

Today I have the pleasure to share with you an interview with Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS aka The Pelvic Guru. I’ve followed and interacted with Tracy on Twitter and Linkedin and thought her story of starting a cash based physical therapy practice would provide some awesome tips and inspiration for you. Tracy has specialized in women’s…

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< = > Less Equals More: Why a low overhead is ideal for your cash based physical therapy practice

< = > or Less Equals More This is the logo for the New Balance Minimus Line of shoes. I just started running again and the shoes I purchased have this < = > logo on the sock liner and it has inspired me to share some thoughts. A low overhead and small footprint is…

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Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin Website Integration for Physical Therapy Cash Based Private Practices

Do you have a website, blog, Facebook page, Linkedin profile and/or Twitter accounts? Do you know how to integrate them? The video below describes and shows how to integrate your blog and website urls into your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Profiles to improve your search engine ranking and so potential patients (and other folks) can…

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My Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Wish List

Many of you may be surprised that while I love and recommend technology to improve efficiency for cash pay practices, I still use paper notes in my practice.  I have a manila folder for each patient. I use the type with two metal tabs at the top of each side. Left side for treatment notes,…

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You own a private practice, so what can a Blog do for you?

Your blog is your best friend.  Why?  Because it can direct patients who are looking online for a solution to their condition to your website and into your treatment room. I have 1 blog post I made almost 2 years ago, May 14, 2012 to be exact, “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV – What’s…

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Q&A: Cash Pay Physical Therapy & the Affordable Care Act

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of cash based physical therapy under the Affordable Care Act? A: I think with the changes that are happening in the traditional insurance world, especially with the ACA changes, that we are positioned to help more people and be a financially higher value option for them.

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dear google thank you cash based physical therapy

Dear Google

Dear Larry & Sergey, Thank you very much for your recent referral of 5 new patients in the last two weeks to our practice. Your recommendation means a great deal to me. Please know that we always have room for your friends, family, customers and anyone looking online for a therapist or to learn about…

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