EP 046: The Biggest Challenges Physical Therapists Have When Scaling (and how to solve them!) with Paul Wright

How much money are you letting walk out the door? Join Aaron on this episode of the Cash PT Lunch Hour as he sits down with Paul Wright. Paul and Aaron discuss key principles healthcare business owners must understand. Plus stay tuned as Paul shares a valuable new client system he has all of his…

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Building Relationships is Key to a Successful Business

Building relationships is key to a successful business

Let me tell you this. When you look at who has referred patients to our practice, 50% are word of mouth and 50% are from the internet. People say, “Oh, I know Aaron. I’m a friend of Aaron.” Why? Because I’ve built relationships with these people. I’ve gone around and built relationships with people in…

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EP 045: Proven Marketing Tips to Grow Your Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice and Important Mistakes to Avoid, with Greg Schaible

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron talks with Greg Schaible (DPT, CSCS), owner of On Track Physiotherapy and owner of the online educational resource for sports and orthopedic clinician’s Sports Rehab Expert.   Aaron and Greg, dive into the best and worst marketing strategies Greg’s tested over the last 5 years to…

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The Secret to Creating Even More Success

The secret to creating even more success

How do you create more success? You take action. You do it. In this short video from my car, I explain what I think it takes to create more success in your business and your life! You can’t be afraid to fail. The one thing keeping people from achieving their dreams and taking the step…

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EP 044: Investing in Your Community to Grow and Scale Your Niche Physical Therapy Clinic with Kevin Schmidt of PedalPT

Have you ever considered niching down your clinic? Tune in today to find out how Kevin Schmidt, PT, MSPT, CMP, Bike PT  established Pedal PT, a practice geared towards cyclists. Kevin shares how he started his practice and some unique local marketing strategies he uses to reach out to the community. Plus, stay tuned to…

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10 Things to Look for When Hiring a New Graduate PT


Hey guys–I’ve hired two new graduates to join my cash practice and am now searching to hire a third! If you’re interested in applying for my open positions, follow the link HERE! The video below outlines the top 10 things that I’m looking for when hiring a new graduate physical therapist to work in my…

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EP 043: Expert Secrets to Maximize Your Time from Serial Health Entrepreneur & Chiropractor Ryan DeBell

On today’s episode of the CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron sits down with Ryan DeBell, a serial health entrepreneur and founder of Movement Fix. Join us as Ryan shares how he is able to consistently move forward and achieve success in business. Make sure to stay tuned to hear some of Ryan’s key tips on marketing…

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How to Get on the Up & Up with Your PT Sales and Marketing

How to get on the up & up with pt sales and marketing

When selling physical therapy, don’t sell physical therapy. Don’t sell dry needling, myofascial release, McKenzie, etc. What you need to do is find out what people want. What are they struggling with? Find out what they want to achieve instead and sell them that. Don’t sell them the treatment technique because then people will price-shop.…

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EP 042: The Physical Therapy Entrepreneur Mindset with Aaron LeBauer

Having a successful PT practice takes more than clinical expertise. Join Aaron’s PT boot camp to understand the business aspect behind running a successful PT practice. On this episode, Aaron unloads valuable tips from developing a PT entrepreneurial mindset to simply getting shit done, and everything in between. Don’t miss this episode.   “Entrepreneurs don’t…

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Sell the Value of Physical Therapy, Not Just the Price

Sell the value of physical therapy, not just the price

When you sell something, you want to sell the value—the transformation and not the features. When you sell features, it’s really easy to price shop. If you sell physical therapy by appointment price, most people aren’t going to want to come. They’d rather pay a cheap copay somewhere else. So, what we need to do…

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