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The CashPT Lunch Hour #11: Vanessa Fox OTR/L

I’m super excited to have had the opportunity to interview Vanessa Fox. Vanessa Fox 1 cash based pediatric occupational therapy practiceVanessa owns Movement with Meaning a 100% Cash-Based Pediatric Occupational Therapy practice in Tampa, FL. She has a mobile practice treating patients in their homes, a local pool for aquatic therapy, and local gym for sensory integration. Her mission is to empower parents to guide their children to reach their highest potential at any age, to live a meaningful life through learning, persistence, and fun!

A Pediatric Cash-Based Occupational Therapy

In this interview Vanessa describes how she is able to fill a void for parent who have difficulty getting services in the school and how she helps build a bridge between parents, teacher and the patients school based therapist. Vanessa is able to offer a unique and valuable service to patients and parents while also traveling to their homes as a mobile therapist. She describes her journey to become a pediatric occupational therapist and her job and burnout that pushed her towards becoming a cash-based practice owner.


Questions Asked In This Interview

How did you get into the profession of Occupational Therapy? and specifically Pediatrics?

Can you describe how you got started in a cash-based occupational therapy practice?

How did you establish your rates and decide on your prices?

What did you do to bridge the gap between starting and seeing a full case load of patients?

What was a successful strategy you used to find clients?

What was a hard lesson you had to learn along the way?

How do you answer: “Do you take my insurance?”

How do you explain your service model to your potential clients to get them to sign up for services?

Describe the types of clients you see and your treatment locations.

Describe one of your success stories with a client – what type of results do you see in the populations you work with

How do you balance your work and life?

How would I break into that market not being specifically a pediatric therapist?

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to start a cash-based pediatric occupational therapy practice?

Vanessa Fox 1 cash based pediatric occupational therapy practice

Connect with Vanessa

Movement with Meaning Website

Vanessa on Linkedin

Movement with Meaning on Facebook 


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Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He enjoys sharing his experiences in private practice and helping other therapists find freedom in practice.

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