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What people are saying...

Ryan Godfrey PT, DPT


quote-mark-wideWhen I enrolled in The CashPT Blueprint, I was starting at ground zero with my practice and here we are 1.5 years later and I'm seeing 15-20 clients per week and 65-75 clients per month. Six months ago I raised my rates and that’s generated over $1500 in revenue per month and I really owe this to implementing what I have learned in Aaron's program.

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Mary Ruth Velicki DPT


quote-mark-wideSeeing the documentation used in a current practice helped me understand the what I need and The CashPT Toolkit was a great starting point. This window into what has worked for Dr. LeBauer has saved me time and it was easy to tailor the forms to my personal needs/style. It was especially helpful since Dr. LeBauer’s practice combines complementary and traditional treatment approaches which mirrors my own practice.

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Frank Hatch PT, DPT, MBA

quote-mark-wideI am a new business and had inherited my current client care specialist from the last clinic I was at. Well, with the help of The CashPT Hiring Automation I was able to take Aaron's templates and simply feed in my information and what I wanted in a new hire. It took the rocket science out of the process. Thank you Aaron for continuing to provide simple and concise processes to automate my practice. CashPT for life!

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Jennifer Hallenbeck PT


quote-mark-wideHey guys! Thanks to Aaron's mastermind group, my business has moved forward much quicker than I ever thought possible! I found a space in a really nice area of town, that I am sharing with a massage therapist. (He already had a table and had the space nicely decorated...move in ready and low, low overhead!) I'm excited to start next month. Thanks! 

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