What’s your niche? Go Narrow & Get Deep.

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I know it’s been a while since I posted to my blog. Surprise! I’ve been busy!

CashPT Blueprint Direct Cash Based Pay Physical Therapy Success CourseSince my last post I’ve been working hard to complete The CashPT Blueprint, which is now available for immediate enrollment. I’ve also been treating 22+ patients a week. One week I saw 9 new patients in 3 days! I had the honor to present at the WebPT Ascend Summit. I have submitted my power point slides for CSM 2015 where my topic is “Dramatically Increase Patient Self-Referrals: Free Yourself (and Your Practice) From Physicians.”  You should come, and be sure to say hi! I’ll be the tall guy with red hair. And just last week I completed a 200 hour Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga Teacher Training program. Oh, and then there’s my family, Atlanta for Thanksgiving, Charleston, SC for my anniversary, spending lots of time with my girls and grilling out a lot of ribs in the last few months!

I also have some excellent guests and new opportunities in the works for 2015. Stay Tuned. Whew!

So today, what I want to do is check in, say hi and discuss a key aspect for marketing your practice and differentiating yourself from other clinics. It’s about going narrow to get deep.

Going Wide!

When one markets a business a common mistake is to have a message that is too broad. If you try to reach too many people and you water down your message you will have a hard time connecting with your desired audience, and patients likely will not understand how they will benefit from treatment in your facility. If you aim to treat all patients, and help people recover from all injuries then no one really knows who you can help or what you can do.

For example: ABC Physical Therapy, The Best In Physical Therapy in ABC Town. The average american doesn’t really know what physical therapy can do or how they would benefit from physical therapy, especially if your message is too broad. As a name of a practice this doesn’t tell anyone about who you can help.

If your marketing message is too broad and focuses only the general benefits of physical therapy, and not who you can help or what condition you treat then people will have trouble identifying with your brand.

Narrow & Deep

The key to Going Narrow & Getting Deep is to know who your ideal patient is and specialization. Are they people with back pain? People who play a specific sport and have a specific injury? Like rehabilitation for female soccer players who ruptured their ACL? Choose a practice name or tagline that is associated with your primary niche market

It is OK to have a variety of services and when you open a practice, it’s always best to go narrow & deep with one market. Then once you establish your authority status, you can find other markets to position yourself as the local expert.

That’s why testimonials are GOLD! They can be very specific, especially if a patient describes their problem and how they benefitted from treatment. Potential patients reading them can identify with the testimonial and may say to themselves “I have the same problem.” or “That’s me.” and then pick up the phone and call you for an appointment.

Differentiate Yourself

To have a successful physical therapy practice you need to differentiate your practice and offer something to patients that no one else, or few people in your area can provide. This can be as simple as same day appointments and 1-on-1 care. It also greatly helps that you posses a skill set of techniques which help your patients get better faster than traditional therapy, and when no one else in town has been able to help your patient.

Dr. Aaron LeBauer in Sedona, AZ

Hiking At MFR 3 In Sedona, AZ

I’ve found my niche through continued education in myofascial release. It is a hands-on technique that has helped me connect with patients and be able to touch their pain and help them heal on a very deep level.

After my 1st myofascial release seminar, and applying the techniques with my massage therapy clients, I found that I was able to help patients in ways that their previous massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and physicians never could. I was able to touch their pain and reproduce their symptoms when no one else had been able to, or even tried. This trend I experienced in helping people who thought there was no other option, and my desire to learn more about the human condition, lead me to go back to school to study physical therapy.

I specialize in helping patients who want to avoid medication or surgery. I help people who have not improved with traditional physical therapy, medications, injections or surgery. I help my patients who still have pain or who are unable to participate in the activities they enjoy, through a combination of listening, touching them where they hurt, educating them on why they hurt, addressing their soft tissue dysfunction with myofascial release and grading their return to their desired activities.

What’s Your Niche?

What do you offer to your patients that no one else in your area can?

What differentiates your practice from others?

How can you turn your passions into a niche practice?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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Aaron LeBauer

Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He enjoys sharing his experiences in private practice and helping other therapists find freedom in practice.

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