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CashPT Lunch Hour: Christopher Johnson PT of ZerenPT & Performance

chris christopher johnson pt running stability barbellI had the honor and privilege to hang out with Chris Johnson PT, for an afternoon while I was in Seattle to speak at Clinicient’s Empower event. Chris is the owner of Zeren PT where he helps active, motivated athletes get out and stay out of the medical system. Chris runs a 100% cash-based physical therapy practice, which is located within an amazing facility, Metier Racing and Coffee.

He provides a one-on-one physical therapy and coaching primarily to the running and multi-sport community. He is also the genius behind the short, sweet, powerful and silent exercise videos on YouTube, Facebook and his blog. He has recently recently released an app for running called Run Cadence. Chris is a well established multi-sport athlete himself and he teaches continuing education seminars and workshops, including his System of a Run, an evidence-based framework to manage injured runners.

The Therapist’s Physical Therapist

Hanging out with Chris was so much fun and he was an awesome host. Thanks for the smoothie and swag! [Full Disclosure] that had no bearing on the content of this post.

After our interview, I still had some time to kill and he invited me to stay and workout while he treated a few patients. Makes me wish I lived in Seattle so I could just drop by to swing some kettle bells in the upstairs gym and hangout in the coffee shop, sipping fresh smoothies while I work on my blog and videos!

Blog Power 4 Your Cash-Based Practice

Christopher Johnson commandments of injury clinical pearl

Chris’s marketing and educational handout for patients.

Chris has built a huge following of athletes as well as clinicians over the last few years since he started putting out some amazing content via video on his blog, YouTube and his social media profiles. He has patients who travel across country to see him, not only because he is an excellent therapist, but because his online presence is so firmly established. This presence and library of content has positioned him incredibly well to build a practice, teach workshops and promote his new app. Hint: A blog is way more powerful than you may realize. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to get started!

CashPT Cribs + The CashPT Lunch Hour

I had an opportunity to tour his practice as well as sit down with him for approximately 45 minutes to discuss his practice and philosophy as a clinician. Chris has an amazing passion for the profession of physical therapy and I’m excited to share this interview. I’ll leave it here for you to watch the video and get a feel for what the man is all about…

In this episode we discuss:

His journey into physical therapy and why he decided to start a cash-based practice.

How he built a successful cash-based practice in New York City and then successfully moved across country and re-opened in Seattle, WA

How he knew he made the right decision to start a cash-based private practice.

Why Chris decided to start sharing and posting his huge library of exercise videos.

How he creates a valuable experience and a safe environment for patients to share their story.

Chris’s marketing strategy, how he develops relationships in his community and how he get’s new patients.

The best time to start a Cash-Based practice and charging a fair rate

How he markets his practice and successfully started his practice right after moving to a new city.

The #1 mistake he made when starting his practice and how to make the shift in mindset to avoid it.

His best recommendation for someone who wants to start a cash-based practice

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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Chris’s YouTube Channel

Follow Chris on Facebook

RunCadence App

System of a Run

Metier Racing & Coffee



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