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Hey y’all! Summer is certainly hot here in Greensboro! I just finished mowing my lawn and it’s not just the temps that are hot either. I’m swarmed with new patients calling me everyday and have a record number of people, 28 to be exact, scheduled for next week. I usually like to treat 20-25 patients. That provides me with enough income and space in my schedule to practice yoga, workout regularly and spend time with my family; at the pool, riding bikes, or just hanging out after summer camp.

Scaling a Cash-Based Practice

What this means is I either need to raise my rates or hire another physical therapist. For a long time I haven’t wanted to take on the responsibility of hiring another person, but since I’ve been slammed the last 6 months, I’ve decided now is the right time. Most importantly I now have my 5 and 10 year plan in place, I see what’s possible and need to hire staff to create my dream practice and lifestyle. My 10 year goal is to have 4-5 therapist working for me as well as 2-3 yoga instructors and/or massage therapists treating clients in our practice so when my kids are in college I don’t need to be in the clinic treating patients unless that’s what I want to be doing. That likely means we’ll need a new location, or to expand into the space next door. My ultimate plan is to build this practice into an asset that allows me not need to be the one always treating patients, and which allows me the freedom to travel while the practice runs without me.

What’s Possible in CashPT?

paul gough new patient acceleratorOne of the big reason’s I see this possibility and am now over booked (my next available appointment is in mid August!) is a result of working with my friend and colleague Paul Gough in his New Patient Accelerator Method course. Paul has shown me what’s possible for me in the cash-based practice model. I knew it was possible, I just never had seen it done in a way that made 100% sense to me.

I was already busy, with successful systems, but I learned how to turbo charge what I had already put into place as well as add some powerful new strategies and systems, and now I have too many people calling. I’ve only just tweaked and updated a few things; my back pain ebook, my follow up system. I’ve also added a new patient on-boarding automated email sequence and I’ve adjusted some of the questions I ask people when I speak to them on the phone. I have a Facebook ad ready to go and I haven’t needed to turn it on yet!

Hiring My 1st Employees

So what this means is that I’m actively searching for a new administrative assistant, my 1st employee! Once they are on board and I have some time freed up, I’ll start searching for a physical therapist to join me so we can start to serve more patients. My goal is to hire a PT by the end of the year (If you think that might be you, get in touch!). This will also free up some of my time to put out more cash-based blog posts and videos, start a podcast, offer a live in-person version of The CashPT Blueprint and up the game another notch!

Scheduling Patients Around Vacation

aaron lebauer yoga side crowSo back to next week. I have 28 new patients and 3 interviews for our admin position and I still have yoga on the schedule, though I will probably need to practice yoga on my own to maximize my time. Pro Tip: One of the ways I try to schedule my patients around being full or going on vacation, is to not necessarily let them know I’ll be out of town. What I do is either schedule them 2-3 visits out, around my vacation. If I don’t have an opening the following week, I just suggest the next two open times and give them plenty of homework and self-care to keep them busy.

It’s all about giving them the confidence that they don’t need another follow up in that time and empowering them to be proactive with their self-care. There are some patients who are acute enough that I will tell them I’m at a conference or on vacation, though, most of my patients have been suffering for so long (years!) that waiting another week isn’t the thing that will keep them from improving. I do know some other therapists in town who I trust and will refer patients to if I can’t get them in or am on vacation and they are having a crisis, however hiring another PT will also solve this issue.

2016 Takeaway

My biggest take away from the 1st half of 2016: I started my practice in 2009 straight out of school and my primary goal was to prove that I could be successful in the cash-based model as a solo practitioner. I didn’t have a view of what would happen past that point. Now 7.5 years in, I realized that I proved the sustainability of my practice model to myself at the 5 year mark, and now, thanks to working with Paul in his New Patient Accelerator and Business Growth School, I have a clear vision for where I’m headed by 2021. I hope you’ll join me in taking your practice to the next level!


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Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He enjoys sharing his experiences in private practice and helping other therapists find freedom in practice.

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