3 Secrets to Start a 6-Figure CashPT Practice: Secret #2

One of the reasons I started a cash practice was because that is how I could do exactly what’s right for my patients. If my income was not tied to insurance or a referral source, I knew I could do what I believed is right for my patients. One of the big reasons that I’m successful is because I just do what’s right for my patients. I have no pressure to treat patients a certain way. I find out what patients really want and I give them a plan to get there.

In this blog series, I’ll share 3 secrets to earning 6-figures in your cash-based physical therapy practice. 

Secret number two: “I can do all this for almost free and I only need a few satisfied patients or customers to make this work because one happy patient equals 10 new patients.”

One of the best ways to get new patients is word of mouth referrals. A big mistakes most people make is they do not ask their patients to tell others about them, and this is the best advertising and marketing! You really just need some satisfied patients. It doesn’t take many of these people to get the ball rolling and you can even automate this process!

The low-hanging fruit here is automating the process of asking for referrals or asking people to share their story, because happy patients and physicians will tell their friends, if you ask. It’s so effective because it’s free and it works.

We are in a new health care economy and it’s time to adapt. With the old model, you pander to physicians for referrals. This is what I was taught, what was expected in school. In the new model, we market to the patients directly. They get to make the decision to see you and are more compliant since it’s their choice. You find out their why and show them the transformation you’re going to give them. Their why isn’t that their back hurts, it’s what their back is keeping them from doing, what they are afraid will happen if they don’t do anything about their back.

When asked how they heard about our practice, forty percent of the people answered word of mouth and about sixty percent of people say they found us online. This is why Google and Yelp reviews are so important. The majority of people are finding us through word of mouth or our online testimonials, then they end up on our website and they’ve already been pre-framed that we’re really great and we’re going to help them.

My first CashPT® resident, Derek, once said to me, “Aaron, I don’t think you really understand the systems you’ve put into place that make this thing all work.”  And he was absolutely correct, I take it for granted. A few years ago, I put in these marketing systems that get our patients to refer other people, to leave us testimonials, to spread the word about us. It’s not the only thing we do but at this point, I’m not out actively marketing our business because the systems I’ve created are doing it for me.

Join me next week for Part 3 in the series!

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Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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