3 Secrets to Start a 6-Figure CashPT Practice: Secret #3

One of the reasons I started a cash practice was because that is how I could do exactly what’s right for my patients. If my income was not tied to insurance or a referral source, I knew I could do what I believed is right for my patients. One of the big reasons that I’m successful is because I just do what’s right for my patients. I have no pressure to treat patients a certain way. I find out what patients really want and I give them a plan to get there.

In this blog series, I’ll share 3 secrets to earning 6-figures in your cash-based physical therapy practice. 

Secret number three: “You don’t personally have to convince patients to pay cash for physical therapy.”

I don’t have to sit and try to convince them because I show them the value.

It can be difficult to have the money conversation because, even though it should be logical, emotions get pulled into it inevitably. People buy on emotion and many people have negative emotions based on money, so we shift the conversation to value.

Physical therapists should never try to convince patients to pay cash for treatment. When you focus on the cost instead of the value, people start price shopping you. They start looking for the lowest costs. It’s just not the winning path! If you catch yourself going down that path, just back up and course correct because we need to have a value conversation. 

You should never promise patients they will get reimbursed because we all know the insurance companies aren’t reliable. You want people coming in because of the transformation you can help them make.

A lot of times when people say physical therapy they think it’s post-surgical rehab. Hot packs, leg lifts, and ultrasound. That’s not the physical therapy I do. Physical therapy is so different and if you get caught up trying to sell physical therapy, they may not even understand what you mean.

I want you to start thinking about the transformation, because they want the transformation, not physical therapy. They all know what they’re missing out on or what they’re afraid of happening if they don’t do anything.

The biggest thing you can do is ask people about their “why”. Why are they here? You really want to understand what people’s internal motivation is. If you can have the conversation of what they really want, what they hope to get out of their time with you, and what does success look like for them.

Once you know these answers, you can put it in their own words. It’s not asking, “what are your goals?”, it’s asking, “what does success in this relationship look like for you?” If I know that answer, if I know their why, then I can give them the transformation they need. Physical therapy is the tool I use to give people the transformation that they want, and that’s what people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for.


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Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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