Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy – Enjoying Lunch with Wes Miller PT

In this episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, episode lucky #13, I had the honor of sitting down to an actual lunch with Wes Miller, PT FAAOMPT of Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy in Asheville, NC. Wesley runs a 100% cash-based practice and provides a one-on-one physical therapy. His professional focus is on client-centered care, evidence-based assessment, relevant patient education, expert manual therapy, corrective exercise, and neuromuscular running / gait training, or medical bike fitting with the goal of providing high quality physical therapy specific to his patient’s goals.

Physical Therapy Advocacy

Wes and I were both in Raleigh, NC, our states capital, to advocate for our profession and attempt to get our practice act updated and modernized. The main restriction we want to remove is the need for a physician’s referral, order or script for a spinal manipulation. We are fortunate here in North Carolina that we have had Direct Access for 30+ years, but this is one of the dinosaur concessions that was made initially, it’s time to have it removed, we have the support we need, though it’s a slow process. Definitely get involved in your states process so we can continue to raise the bar.

Cash-Based Physical Therapy Lifestyle

Anyway, after the morning sessions and talking to our respective representatives, Wes and I walked about a mile to a nice vietnamese restaurant that got great reviews and we were not disappointed. We had a chance to sit down and discuss his cash based physical therapy practice, journey and lifestyle and I’m excited to share it here. Wes has such a unique voice and perspective, but one that you’ll certainly recognize and connect with, while he drops some awesome knowledge bombs, so sit back and enjoy!


In this episode we discuss:

His journey into physical therapy and why he decided to start a cash-based practice.

How he knew he made the right decision to start a cash-based private practice.

His weekly schedule and how he’s designed his practice around his lifestyle.

Wes’s marketing strategy, how he develops relationships in his community and how he get’s new patients.

His strategies for targeting local runners and working with local running stores.

His authentic social media strategy.

The #1 mistake he made when starting his practice and how to make the shift in mindset to avoid it.

His best recommendation for someone who wants to start a cash-based practice.



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Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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