APTA CSM 2015 & The CashPT Nation

APTA CSM 2015 & The CashPT Nation

Aaron LeBauer CSM 2015I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since I gave my presentation at CSM 2015 in Indianapolis. It was really awesome to meet people in person who I follow and interact with online and via social media. It was great to see and meet so many people who are interested in or already own a cash-based physical therapy practice. There was even a large group of PT’s with hybrid practices including Cash+Medicare, In-Network + Cash, In/Out of network combo and Out-of-Network + Cash. Everyone is looking for ways to differentiate themselves, create more value, help patients heal and increase the bottom line because if we can’t keep the doors open, we can’t treat patients.

Free Yourself & Your Practice From Physician Referrals

CSM 2015 Pitfalls of Physician Gatekeeper ModelDuring my presentation I encouraged people to Tweet their thoughts and answers so I could create a Storify summary of everyone’s thoughts and interactions along with my presentation.  I created a hashtag for my talk, #SkipMD’s, which is meant to create an emotion as well as encompass both direct-to-patient marketing as well as Direct Access to physical therapy. If you missed my presentation click here for the Storify summary and presentation slides.

Ca$h & Compliance

Saturday morning I had the opportunity to attend the Ca$h & Compliance presentation with Nancy Beckley, Ann Wendel and Sara Haag. It was an excellent presentation and my main takeaway points were:


Your UVP or Unique Value Proposition must answer the following question:

“Why would you ideal customer purchase from you rather than anyone else?”

and in a cash-based practice we should target our perfect patients (or avatar) because they “already understand your value and you don’t need to convince them if their UVP aligns with yours.”


Ask an expert if you are going to “tinker with federal programs.”

Medicare does have a wellness benefit and that does not include physical therapy. Only physicians can offer wellness oriented Medicare benefit. Physical therapists offer therapy oriented wellness.

Everyone should have a policies and procedures manual, even if you are not a Medicare provider.

The Secret Clause that “Patients have the right to restrict disclosure of medical information to insurance company if they pay cash” is not an open door to treat any Medicare beneficiary in a cash-based practice. It’s much more complex and not aligned with the original intent of the clarification ruling. See point above about consulting a compliance expert.

Advocate for PT:

I then headed over to the exhibit hall to check out the goods, stopped by the PT-PAC booth, made my donation and had a nice chat about Medicare Opt-Out. I wanted to make my voice heard. Medicare Opt-Out is important, especially to cash-based practices, because if it is enacted I (we) who have no relationship with Medicare, could “opt-out” and begin to treat Medicare patients for “covered services.”

The “Fascination With Medicare”:

Why the “fascination with Medicare?” Well for one, to run my practice as simple as possible and to provide the most value to my patients I have decided to be out-of-network with everyone, not to enroll in Medicare and not to process claims on behalf of my patients. The second reason this fascination exists is that there are Medicare aged people who really want to come see me for physical therapy, because they know, like and trust me. Because I am a physical therapist and massage therapist because I want to help people and I care about people. Some of these folks fall into this category and I live in the USA and should have the right to choose my healthcare provider and physical therapist, the person I trust, whether they are a Medicare credentialed or not.

Let your voice be heard, Click to Tweet. “I want Medicare Opt-Out!”


About a month ago I started a private Facebook group called The CashPT Nation. It’s something that I wish was around when I started. I created this page is for you, to create a community of like-minded people, aspiring cash-based practice owners and current or former cash-based practice owners to network and support each other. This group is private so that your posts will only seen by other people in the group and not your random Facebook friends or patients.

CashPT Nation cash based physical therapy

Click here to join the group and become part of The CashPT Nation!

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