APTA’s CSM Conference Review & Lessons

APTA's CSM Conference Review & Lessons

I just finished up 3 days at APTA’s CSM conference. I know a few of you thought it was a joke when I sent out an email about meeting up.

I’ve been teaching our Platinum Mastermind the importance of doing in-person events and getting in front of their customers. 14,000 of my potential customers are here.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t know that cash practice is an option. Many of them think it’s fringe, no possible or even unethical. There were sessions at CSM where people were talking about marketing to “doctors” and the session on “innovation” was empty.

Here’s what I learned and how CSM Compares to PT Biz Con especially for physical therapy business owners…

At CSM you will learn how to:

1) Be a great employee

2) All about research and nothing about how to actually implement the strategies

3) Why buying gear and tech will help your patients get better in the allotted time insurance allows.

4) Shake a “doctors” hand

5) How tall people really are in person (especially if you’ve known them for years on twitter, FB or IG)

6) Trade time for money and stay stuck making less than $100K per year

7) Where to go when you need a new J.O.B. (just over broke)

 All the research references (slides) you can eat  – Blah. Blah. Blah…

At PT Biz Con you will learn how to:

1) Real life strategies to attract 100’s of new patients to your clinic or business

2) Ethical sales and marketing strategies. We both know PT is the right place for people in pain.

3) Level up your mindset. You’re not afraid to sell, talk about money, call yourself a “Doctor” and shake off the internet trolls and haters

4) Launch a 6 figure cash practice and make $>200K in your first year

5) Take your online business from $5K months to $30K months in 2 years

6) Send 1 email and make $6,000

7) Make $40K online in 1 week

Close down your insurance practice open a thriving cash practice that gives you more time, more freedom and more meaning. Donate a ton of money to your church and charities you believe in

9) Go from living with your parents to buying a house in one of the most expensive markets in the country.

10) Move 2,000 miles away, open a 3rd clinic, increasing your profits.

11) Go on maternity leave for 3 months without closing your clinic and keeping your patients happy and getting better

12) Have the mindset and leadership skills of an elite Navy Seal and apply it to your business

13) Build a practice in your home generating >$400K per year and still pick up your kids everyday at 3pm

14) Leverage your PT Clinic to pursue your passions like music, comics and real estate

15) Work FOR Patients NOT Insurance

There’s more…is that enough?

I met some really awesome people who are crushing it, but they are the 1% of attendees at the event.

At PT Biz Con, you’ll be surrounded by 100’s of physical therapists just like you.

You’ll be around PT’s who are crushing it, doing something different and going to the moon.

If you want to make a massive shift in your life and change the profession, you need to be a PT Biz Con. There are still a few seats available.

Go ahead and grab your ticket now! Book your flight to Charlotte and reserve your hotel room so you can take your business to the next level.

See you in March!

Be sure to join us at PT Biz Con 2023 . It’s the premier event for physical therapists looking to grow their businesses and reach their full potential. Visit www.PTBizCon.com to learn more and register today.

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