Drop your Ego | CashPT Lunch Hour with Megan Greco

drop your ego with Megan Greco cashpt lunch hour

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Megan Greco, a certified Athletic Trainer and Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Megan Greco began career in Miami, FL treating Ironman triathletes and marathoners. She worked in outpatient orthopedics in Maryland as a clinic director at Physiotherapy Associates and then started own cash physical therapy office, and has been…

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3 Strategies to Generate More Income without More Marketing

more marketing, less incomes, aaron lebauer, mind blown emoji

Most people think that to grow their business they need “more new patients”…but really what you need is an elevation strategy to capture all the income already flowing through your business. You can double or even triple your income just using these strategies below: 1) Upsell: What else does your customer need to complete their…

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Quit Your J.O.B with Stefanie McMillin | CashPT Lunch Hour

Quit Your J.O.B with Stefanie McMillin | CashPT Lunch Hour

How Stefanie Quit her J.O.B. and embraced the entrepreneur inside of her! On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Stefanie McMillin, a pelvic floor physical therapist and certified birth doula running a cash practice in Naperville, Illinois. She helps women prepare for and recover from birth. Stefanie has met and worked with hundreds of women over…

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Little Failures are the Gateway to Growth with Alisha Weilfaert: The CashPT Lunch Hour

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast Little Failures the Gateway to Growth with Alisha Weilfaert

  Little failures are the gateway to growth. On today’s episode, I’m speaking with my good friend, Alisha Wielfaert, Founder and Lead Coach at Yoke and Abundance. Alisha is a coach who helps creatives, entrepreneurs, and seekers, going through transitions, align with inner wisdom to create flourishing businesses and lives in 6 weeks. She lives…

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Business Success with Bedros Keuilian: The CashPT Lunch Hour

business success with bedros keuilian and Aaron LeBauer CashPT Lunch Hour

  The Big Conversions you need to have for business success. Today, we’re doing something a little different on the podcast.  A few months ago, I was interview on Bedros Keuilian’s show, The Empire Podcast. I wanted to share it here because the episode was so well-received by his audience! I have been working with…

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Physical Therapy is NOT this!

physical therapy is not this

   Physical therapy is not… …leaving a patent alone in a room with a bell.  You can’t just put a patient on a bike, or an a table with a hot pack and expect them to find value in what you offer.  Physical therapy is critical decision making around a musculoskeletal problem. We problem solve…

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[REPLAY] Essential Cash Practice Questions not Answered by PT Schools

CashPT Lunch Hour questions pt school wont answer

Essential Cash Practice Questions not Answered by PT Schools In today’s episode, the host of the show has become the guest. Joining Aaron is a second-year physical therapy student, Emily Pickup. She asks Aaron to teach her the ropes of making a business out of a career in physical therapy. They talk about several strategies…

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Trends and Predictions for 2022: CashPT Lunch Hour


Trends and Predictions for 2022   Are you curious about the trends and predictions for 2022 and how they will affect physical therapy? Here are the seven things I see that will impact how we will be doing business in the new year. 1) Alternative Streams of revenue.  You need to build multiple streams of…

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Working with a Business Coach? Use these Strategies!

Top 5 strategies to get the maximum juice out of a business coach.

Top 5 strategies to get the maximum juice out of a business coach.    Since I started my business, the years I saw the most rapid, sustained growth were when I was working with a business coach.  The last 4 years, I’ve been working with a coach and I also belong to a mastermind. I’m…

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