Top 5 Blogs to Help You Succeed with a Physical Therapy Cash Based Practice

The following 5 blogs have been very helpful in marketing, administering and working “on” my physical therapy cash based practice.  They are all blogs, with 1 exception, and all are tremendous resources that I’ve used to build my practice and should be for you too.  As I’ve mentioned previously in my post “marketing a niche clinic”, marketing…

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Superbills & Receipts for a Cash Practice


One of the most common questions asked about running a cash practice is what kind of receipts do I provide my patients? and What should be included on it so the patient will be reimbursed? Most insurance companies do allow for patients to submit the claims themselves and this process is fairly straightforward. I find that…

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Take Action! Support the Medicare Patient Empowerment Act of 2013 (HR 1310)

Are you a physical therapist? Are you considering opening a physical therapy cash practice? Do you belong to the APTA? (If not, you should) Do you want ALL patients to be able to choose your practice when they need physical therapy? Do you want your mother to be able to choose without limitation the best…

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Q&A: Unhappy with Your Website Provider & Search Engine Results?

Q: Any ideas on a good source for a website provider? I have one now and am not very happy with the results. We’re not being found in local searches on internet. Thanks! A: I have two web sites hosted on Hostgator with my url purchased at Godaddy. Both are great hosts and domain registrars, but the website…

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Mindset is Everything!

the old way new way direct access mindset

Starting a cash practice is the easy part. It’s just a bunch of administrative tasks minus the insurance headaches. It is changing your mindset that can prove to be the most difficult concept to master. Let go of the idea that physicians will refer patients to you. Even if they do, the patient’s are not…

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Q&A: Marketing a Niche Clinic

Q: I have been in practice for myself for 6 years and have had some success with direct marketing to physicians and all of the other traditional means to get my name out on the street. I am a certified Hand Therapist and want to go in another direction for marketing my clinic as a…

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The Anatomy of a Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice

Cash-Based Physical Therapy in Practice Hello.  Welcome to my new website and blog dedicated to building, growing and starting a 100% Physical Therapy Cash Based Practice.  My name is Dr. Aaron LeBauer and I am a physical therapist in Greensboro, NC.  I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist and Myofascial Release…

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