CashPT Lunch Hour: Top Questions from Physical Therapy Students

top questions answered physical therapy

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m answering the top 10 questions Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) students have. My friends Sarah Falbo and Gabby Mace over at The GRADitude Podcast sent me these questions to answer. I talk about my favorite books for business and how they have helped propel what I’m doing, like…

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The CashPT Lunch Hour Ranking Higher on Google with Erson Religioso

Join me today as I talk to my good friend, Dr. Erson Religious, the Modern Manual Therapist, avid Star Wars fan, and expert on Google trends. He’s also a cash-based physical therapist and a drop-shipping wizard. Dr. E tells us how he stays on top of current trends and why it’s important to have your…

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Create an Evergreen Webinar in WebinarJam

step by step evergreen webinar

    This is a training on how to convert a WebinarJam live webinar into an evergreen ever webinar. My name is Aaron LeBauer and this is exactly how we take our live webinars and turn them into evergreen webinars. We’ve actually get more patients, more money, more clients through evergreen webinars than we do…

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YouTube Growth Hacks with Antonio Sanson: The CashPT Lunch Hour

youtube growth hacks

Marketing can be intimidating, but throw in YouTube to the mix, and you add in an extra helping of anxiety. And why wouldn’t it seem overwhelming considering the factors?     Audio. Video. Multiple platforms. Equipment. New technology.    That’s a lot to think about! My guest, Antonio Sanson, shares his start in the space…

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Webinars and Email: How I made $8,000 in 90 minutes

$8,000 in 90 minutes, man pointing at money

Making $8,000 last week in my clinic in 90 minutes sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Through a webinar and follow-up email strategy, it’s easier than you think! It’s not about the strategy, it’s about the follow-up. It can be a big goal, making $8,000 dollars in a day. For others, that may…

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CashPT Lunch Hour: When an Employee Quits

what to do when an employee quits cash PT lunch hour

Join me today as I discuss an inevitable topic, losing an employee!  What do you do when an employee gives their two week notice? The pandemic has been tough, and even though 2020 is over, some of the problems are persisting! This is how I felt when one of my employees gave their two-week notice…

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5 Easy Steps to Getting 1 Million Views on YouTube

My name is Dr. Aaron Lebauer. I’m a physical therapist and business coach. Today, I’m going to show you exactly how we got over a million views on our YouTube channel, how you can do its, and how you can reach millions of people through the internet. So, why YouTube? YouTube is the number two…

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The Big Conversions You Need In Your Business – Interview with Bedros Keuilian

I’m super pumped about this! So, if you’ve ever wondered why I stopped racing bikes  …how I got into physical therapy  …where I get my super power from  …the #1 thing that keeps business owners from finding success or…  …even just how to sell your products/courses/programs with webinars This episode of the Empire Podcast with…

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Accelerate your Growth: The Problem with Health Care Professionals

The problem with healthcare professions is we’re here to help people but we still have to get paid. I’d probably do this for free but I have to feed my family, I have to pay bills. Sometimes there is a conflict of interest between wanting to help people and also asking them for money. In…

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