Scale a 7-Figure Physical Therapy Cash Practice with Ben Bagge: CashPT Lunch Hour

Cash PT Lunch Hour scale to 7 figures ben bagge cash PT practice

  Today on the podcast, I interview Dr. Ben Bagge, PT, DPT, CSCS, owner of Pro Kenetics. They help active adults and athletes in Oakland, San Diego, & Des Moines get back to sports and activities they love without taking time off, injections, or surgery. Ben was a guest on episode 124, but today we…

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Using a Webinar as a Lead Magnet

webinar as lead magnet man pointing computer graphic

The majority of my email list is from using a webinar as a lead magnet. Most people want to go straight in and run ads for their first webinar, but you need to do it organic the first 3-5 times unit you start converting.  Offer stack: Find your value first, and then offer main product…

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7 Strategies to Build your Email List: The CashPT Lunch Hour


  Today we talk about the top 7 Strategies to Build your Email List. What do we even need to build an email list? Two big reasons: Followers aren’t dollars and the money is in the follow up. If there’s one asset I’m going to look at to determine the value of a business, it’s…

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5 BIG Reasons You Need to Start Building Your Email List…Especially if You Want to Make Money: The CashPT Lunch Hour

build your email list

1) Followers are not dollars They’re not your followers, they belong to Facebook or Youtube or Instagram. An email list is what you own. Email allows you to add value in a way that you can’t do on social media. Email isn’t sleazy. That’s not what we do! We add value! An email list allows…

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Starting A Cash-Based PT Practice?

Starting A Cash-Based PT Practice: most asked questions!

Today, I’m going to answer the top 4 questions I get asked about starting a cash-based physical therapy practice. Starting a cash-based practice doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m here to give you the best advice to cut through the noise! Questions 1: What do people need to keep in mind when starting a cash-based…

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Homemade Energy Granola Bars and Rice Cakes for Athletes

I recently began a lifestyle change of eating only whole foods (minimally processed foods and no flour) and needed to find food that could be a substitute for traditional sports/energy bars which I ate very often. I’ve experimented with more than a few bar recipes and have found the following to be the best for…

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How to Earn 6-Figures in a Micro-Niche

What is a micro-niche and how can identifying yours help you earn 6-figures? It all starts with the decision you make today. Where will you be in 3 years? If we map out 4 possible courses of action, the distance between Great, Good, Poor, and Terrible are all very small right now, but the farther…

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Are you Making it Easy?

You can easily lose money if you make it hard for your customers to do business with you. I want to share a story with you. I was visiting Denver and wanted to get in a Baptista Power Yoga session, so I did a quick google search and see there is a studio with a…

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How to Create a 6-Figure Physical Therapy Business

One of the number top questions I how to make six figures as a physical therapist. It feels almost impossible especially graduating PT school and coming out with a mountain of student loan debt. I’ve worked with people that have multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. I’ve also helped them launch…

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