Be Famous to the People Who Matter: 15 Takeaways from the Empire Mastermind

Today, I wanted to share my takeaways from my business coach Bedros Keuilian’s Empire Mastermind event last week.

These takeaways come from both of my coaches, Bedros and Craig Ballantyne, plus the three speakers at the event: Los Silva, Danny Morel, and Larry Broughton.

  1. Fix sales problems before you buy more leads.
  2. How you operate during a great economy is different than how you operate in a shitty one.
  3. Track your ROI. When setting your marketing budget, put as much as you can into it as long as you are getting a positive ROI.
  4. Smart entrepreneurs don’t procrastinate.
  5. Customers are a one-time purchase, but patients are under your protection.
  6. Patient satisfaction is a result of culture.
  7. Don’t push the panic button.
  8. Be famous to the people who matter.
  9. Hire for desire, effort, and attitude.
  10. People buy people, not stuff.
  11. Spend 80% of your time generating your business and 20% servicing it.
  12. Selling is not telling: ask a question, listen for the answer, repeat and approve, ask another question.
  13. Do the hard right over the easy wrong.
  14. Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.
  15. Take rapid action.

I hope these takeaways encourage you to take action. Hustle hard and kick some ass.

If you are struggling in any way in your business, I want to hear from you. DM me!



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