EP 042: The Physical Therapy Entrepreneur Mindset with Aaron LeBauer

Having a successful PT practice takes more than clinical expertise. Join Aaron’s CashPT Bootcamp to understand the business aspect behind running a successful PT practice. On this episode, Aaron unloads valuable tips from developing a PT entrepreneurial mindset to simply getting shit done, and everything in between. Don’t miss it!   “Entrepreneurs don’t do everything…

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Sell the Value of Physical Therapy, Not Just the Price

Sell the value of physical therapy, not just the price

When you sell something, you want to sell the value—the transformation and not the features. When you sell features, it’s really easy to price shop. If you sell physical therapy by appointment price, most people aren’t going to want to come. They’d rather pay a cheap copay somewhere else. So, what we need to do…

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EP 041: The Secret to Scaling a Pilates and Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice with Christa Gurka

Christa Gurka, physical therapist and founder of Pilates in the Grove drops in to share how continually looking for opportunities landed her in the Pilates space. Now highly sought after in the South Florida market, Aaron and Christa discuss knowing when to transition from independent contractors to employees, partnerships vs sole proprietorship, knowing how to…

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Are You Focused on What Really Matters?

Are you focused on what really matters?

Are you focused on what really matters, or are you worrying about the little things? Are you spending hours and days trying to figure out which product to use, which item to buy, which service to spend your money on? Or are you choosing one and rolling with it? In this quick video, I explain…

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EP 040: Launching a Physical Therapy Cash Practice – The CashPT Residency with Derek Nielsen Part 2

Not wanting the traditional treatment model Derek Nielsen sought Aaron out for his knowledge and training. Today, now an owner of Kaizen PT, Derek shares his learnings, provides a glimpse into how he will grow his business and a peek into his ultimate plan. Tune in for another episode that shows why you should start…

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You Can Earn Six Figures in Your Cash-Based Practice!

You paid six figures to get your doctor or physical therapy degree, why aren't you generating six figures a year?

If you’re not earning six figures in your physical therapy practice or you’re not generating six figures in your cash practice, there’s a problem. You don’t need to see 30 people a week to get to six figures, you just need two handfuls. Say if you’re charging $185 an hour, that’s 11 people a week,…

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EP 039: Key Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing and Business Lessons Learned from 10 Years in the Business with Derek Nielsen and Aaron LeBauer

Don’t miss this episode, the tables are turned. Before Derek Nielsen, PT sets out to start his own practice in six weeks, he interviews Aaron to get the scoop and Aaron gives it all away. Aaron provides strategies and tactics to tackle ways to convert a lead into a new patient, create a sense of…

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Why It’s Your Moral Obligation to Learn to Sell Physical Therapy

Why It's Your Moral Obligation to Learn to Sell Physical Therapy

In this quick video, I emphasize the importance of learning how to sell physical therapy and what it means to the patient’s overall happiness. What happens when we don’t sell physical therapy? Say a patient has back pain and goes to the doctor. They tell the patient to stop squatting, that they need an injection…

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EP 038: Creating Passive Income in Contract Physical Therapy—The CashPT Lunch Hour with Bert De Vera

No insurance companies, little to no overhead, who wants to sign up? Bert De Vera, PT and founder of the REHABpreneur training program, reveals his business model and how he’s built a business structure that allows him to avoid insurance companies while still getting paid and taking care of patients. This system is not traditional,…

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EP 037: Generate Leads from Your Website for Your Physical Therapy Practice with Christine Walker [CashPT Cribs Edition]

Christine Walker, PT, website guru, marketing strategist and private owner of a cash-based Physical Therapy practice in Charlotte, NC gives away secrets to create a business-building website on today’s episode. These secrets include media marketing strategies, information that may be overlooked but needed on your site and tactics that will generate “the right” business leads.…

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