Where Should I Host My Business Website?

Having to create your business website can feel really stressful, but it shouldn’t be. Today, I chat a little about best practices when hosting your website! For our clinic, we use a mix of Weebly and a WordPress blog. Back when we started our site, WordPress was the best place to blog as it was…

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EP 109: 35 Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Physical Therapy Clinic

The 35 Marketing Strategies

When entrepreneurs want to level up their marketing efforts, they often throw random tactics at the wall to see what sticks. But what if, instead of trial and error, you could work with proven marketing strategies that will increase the traffic and visibility of your clinic? In this episode, Aaron shares 35 proven marketing strategies…

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A Conversation on Starting a Physical Therapy Business

Today’s video is a snippet of a conversation I had with my previous CashPT resident, Dr. Tyler Shelton of Shelton Movement and Performance, before he opened his clinic. We chat about some of the logistic stuff, which I know you guys ask about a lot. I hope this is helpful in some way! In general,…

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EP 108: The Exact Checklist to Launch Your Physical Therapy Cash Practice

Thinking about transitioning to a cash-based practice? You need to hear this episode if you want a successful launch. Today, Aaron shares the exact checklist of essential dos and don’ts of getting your business up and running. Grab a pen and jot down these steps or listen to find out how you can download it.…

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How to Follow Up with Patients Who’ve Fallen off the Schedule

Today, I wanted to answer a question I got the other day: “What’s a good way to follow up with patients who’ve dropped off the schedule or ghosted after the first or second session?” The answer? You need to get them on the phone. Period. If you’re asking this question, then there may have been…

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EP 107: Scaling Culture & Taking Calculated Risks with Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor on the CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

When you’re a cash-based practitioner, booking and scheduling clients, charting their profiles, and creating invoices can be major headaches that ultimately aren’t moving the needle forward in your business. You have to do everything yourself, or juggle a million apps, instead of spending time where your business needs you to. Today’s guest is Alison Taylor,…

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Top 3 Marketing Ideas for New and Seasoned CashPT Owners

For today’s special blog post, I wanted to share the top three marketing strategies we use in our clinic. They work no matter what type of business you have: brick and mortar, gym, mobile, concierge, even Telehealth. They’re for both seasoned and new cash-practice owners, so get ready! First off, I wanted to start by…

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EP 106: Overcoming Anxiety & Overwhelm for Greater Success with Craig Ballantyne

As entrepreneurs are mostly told to focus on themselves, they tend to end up being frustrated and overwhelmed. People who are not emotionally ready for the challenges and hit the panic button turn out to not do so well in their business. Today’s guest will shine the light on how you should be facing your…

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How to Ask for Google Reviews at Your Physical Therapy Clinic

People will typically want to give you Google reviews… but they just don’t know how much you need them! In today’s video, I talk about how to ask your patients for reviews. First, you want to position from the beginning that people are going to leave you reviews. That goes something like this: “Mrs. Jones,…

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EP 105: The 1-Minute Solution to Filing Insurance Claims for Your Patients with Bill & Vatsal from Reimbursify


Whenever you visit a healthcare practitioner, you’re left to worry about filing a claim or paying the total cost out-of-pocket. It’s never easy, especially for cash-based clinic patients. Today’s guests are William Brown and Vatsal Thakkar, the founders of Reimbursify. Their app gives patients the 1-minute solution to filing insurance claims. Vatsal is a practicing…

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