EP 093: Ninja Marketing Strategies for Physical Therapy Clinics with Jordan Mather

Jordan Mather on the CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

How are you supposed to build an effective marketing strategy when you don’t know how to build an ad, you don’t know who to target, and you have no idea where to start? Jordan Mather is the co-founder of PT MISFITS: Marketing Innovation, Sales Funnels, and Information Technology for Physical Therapists. PT MISFITS helps clinics…

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What’s Keeping You from Taking the Leap?

Today, I wanted to talk about how sometimes, we need to be pushed. When this video was taken, I had just gotten off a strategy call with someone who’s coming to my upcoming Launch Bootcamp in a few weeks. Basically, she told me she needed me to push her to commit. This is something I’ve…

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EP 092: Go All in for Success in Business and as a Sports Performance PT with Mike Reinold

Mike Reinold On The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

How do you marry multiple passions to create a thriving cash-based clinic and education business? Mike Reinold is a PT and baseball fanatic who landed his dream job treating the Boston Red Sox before he was thirty. Today he’s the owner of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, a gym and clinic getting Mike closer to…

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The Costliest Business Mistakes You’re Making

You know what I see every single day? Business owners making a lot of dumb mistakes. Maybe they are covering them up with an amazing product or service, but they are ultimately doing a disservice to their patients. Today, I talk about the ten costliest mistakes you may be making in your business. You’re saying…

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EP 091: “The CashPT Blueprint” Exclusive Audiobook Reading: The Cash-Based Mindset

The CashPT Blueprint

Starting your own cash-based practice can feel impossible when you don’t have a clear path to success and the mindset to match. This episode is an exclusive reading of the first two chapters of Aaron’s brand new book, The CashPT Blueprint. In Chapter One, you’ll hear about the anatomy of Aaron’s practice, from the equipment…

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Money Is Not Your Most Valuable Asset

Did you know money is not your most valuable asset? In today’s post, I wanted to share how important something else is… Everyone thinks money is so valuable, but in reality, it’s what you do with the money that’s valuable. Maybe a vacation with your family, or a donation to charity—both of those are examples…

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EP 090: Get Over Yourself & Change Your Mindset to Achieve Massive Success with Ryan Obernesser

Ryan Obernesser on The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Massive success doesn’t come from staying comfortable and being a victim to your circumstances. Ryan Obernesser was a scared, anxious kid who found himself fresh out of school, dealing with heartbreak, and having to move home in the middle of the night to a town Forbes has called one of the worst places in the…

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How to Automatically Ask for Google Reviews from Your #1 Patients

Today I wanted to show you how we get Google reviews automatically and painlessly for our clinic! The main way we get our reviews is through a mix of emails and a survey. The first day after seeing us, the patient gets a welcome email, then a couple of days later, a “How are you…

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EP 089: How Rob Grupe Overcame Opioid Addiction and 7 Years in Jail to Become a Massively Successful CrossFit Gym Owner and Coach

Rob Grupe

How do you go from a $300 per day drug addiction and a 20-year prison sentence to being a successful gym owner and coach? Rob Grupe is the owner of Twice Bitten CrossFit, a gym dedicated to leveling up clients’ fitness and mindset. Rob has been through his fair share of adversity, and rather than…

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Let’s Take Control of Our Profession

The other day, I was thinking about the APTA and wondering how many of you guys are members. In this post, I wanted to chat about how we can take control over our profession, even when it feels like CashPT isn’t supported. I work for patients, not insurance companies. In a practical sense, that means…

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