EP 090: Get Over Yourself & Change Your Mindset to Achieve Massive Success with Ryan Obernesser

Ryan Obernesser on The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Massive success doesn’t come from staying comfortable and being a victim to your circumstances. Ryan Obernesser was a scared, anxious kid who found himself fresh out of school, dealing with heartbreak, and having to move home in the middle of the night to a town Forbes has called one of the worst places in the…

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How to Automatically Ask for Google Reviews from Your #1 Patients

Today I wanted to show you how we get Google reviews automatically and painlessly for our clinic! The main way we get our reviews is through a mix of emails and a survey. The first day after seeing us, the patient gets a welcome email, then a couple of days later, a “How are you…

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EP 089: How Rob Grupe Overcame Opioid Addiction and 7 Years in Jail to Become a Massively Successful CrossFit Gym Owner and Coach

Rob Grupe

How do you go from a $300 per day drug addiction and a 20-year prison sentence to being a successful gym owner and coach? Rob Grupe is the owner of Twice Bitten CrossFit, a gym dedicated to leveling up clients’ fitness and mindset. Rob has been through his fair share of adversity, and rather than…

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Let’s Take Control of Our Profession

The other day, I was thinking about the APTA and wondering how many of you guys are members. In this post, I wanted to chat about how we can take control over our profession, even when it feels like CashPT isn’t supported. I work for patients, not insurance companies. In a practical sense, that means…

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EP 088: “The CashPT Blueprint” Exclusive Audiobook Reading: The Entrepreneur Mindset

The CashPT Blueprint

Channeling the entrepreneur mindset can be difficult for a first-time business person, but it’s paramount to your success as a cash practice owner. Luckily, Aaron has laid out exactly how to tap into it in his brand-new book that you can get right now for FREE — just pay shipping and handling. In this audiobook…

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Speed of Implementation Wins

Today, I want to chat a little about taking action and implementing fast. And how those two things are going to grow your business immensely. The number one mistake I see people making is that they think too hard about things. When was the last time you thought about a decision for more than an…

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EP 087: Sarah Duvall Sold Her Cash Practice to Help Millions Online with Pelvic Pain

Sarah Duvall on The Cash PT Lunch Hour Podcast

One of the benefits of running a cash practice is the flexibility you have in running your own business: you decide how many patients you treat, the hours you work, and the price you charge. But what if you want more? Sarah Duvall is a physical therapist who found herself frustrated at the lack of…

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The Wrong Physiotherapy Mindset

I recently got back from Accelerate LIVE, an event for clinic owners run by my good friend Rick Lau of CallHero. The event was in Toronto, and I spoke about how to see value in your services and raise your rates to match. Unfortunately, they didn’t really get it. I want to make sure you…

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EP 086: The Hidden Success to Scale a Pelvic Health Cash Practice with Nicole Cozean

Nicole Cozean on The Cash PT Lunch Hour Podcast

Unfortunately for patients and new physical therapists, the same mindset that convinces PTs to rely on insurance tells them that they need a physician’s permission to treat anyone. Nicole Cozean is a pelvic PT who left the hospital bureaucracy to open her cash practice and challenge the misconceptions that are keeping PTs from their full…

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What Are You Worth to Your Patients?

Have you ever struggled to raise your rates above $75? If you have, you’re not alone. Today, we’re going to talk about valuing ourselves as therapists. If you’re only charging $75-$80 per visit, you probably don’t feel like you’re worth more than that. Well, you know what? You’re probably right. No one is going to…

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