The CashPT Hiring Automation

A step-by-step guide to help you hire your 1st (or next) employee and put your system on auto-pilot.

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Hey Aaron, I'm working on my hiring automation right now for an admin and PT! Thanks for the great product!

Brian Campbell, PT
Brian Campbell, PT Xcel Movement and Performance Raleigh, NC

I was recently in need of hiring a new front desk person and had no idea what to do. I am a new business and had inherited my current client care specialist from the last clinic I was at. Well, with the help of The CashPT Hiring Automation I was able to take Aaron's templates and simply feed in my information and what I wanted in a new hire. It took the rocket science out of the process. Thank you Aaron for continuing to provide simple and concise processes to automate my practice. CashPT for life!

Frank Hatch, PT, DPT, MBA
Frank Hatch, PT, DPT, MBA Core Physio Santa Fe, NM

Here's What You'll Get When You Start This Course

  • Exclusive Online Training on How to Set up Your Automated Hiring System
  • 15 Downloadable Done-For-You Templates & Documents to Help You Implement this Process in Your Business
  • 22 Done-for-You Training Videos for Your Staff to Learn Your Systems
  • Employee Salary Calculator
  • Time Saving Secrets So You Don't Waste Your Time and Only Review the Most Qualified Candidates
  • Instructions on how to put your hiring system on auto-pilot so you don't have to re-create the wheel when you need to hire again.

Here's What You'll Get When You Finish Setting Up This Easy System

  • A Pool of Very Highly Qualified Applications To Interview
  • Employees Who Are Willing to Put in the Hard Work to Learn Your Business Systems
  • Detail Oriented Employees Who Have the Mindset to Help Your Patients Make a Better Decision About Their Health
  • More Time to Spend with Your Family, Treating Patients or Working "On" Your Business
  • You'll Become a Business Owner Who Owns an Asset That Generates Income Wether You Treat Patients or Are On Vacation

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Participate in a live monthly Masterclass with me, Aaron LeBauer where you will have the opportunity for continued learning on topics specific to your practice. You will also have an opportunity to attend my "Office Hours" once each month where you can ask any question and get a live answer. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive live feedback and get real answers. Your live participation is a big part of staying accountable to yourself and with your peers. Also the ability to sit in and listen and learn from the struggles, challenges and success of your peers will have a profound impact on your business.