The CashPT Lunch Hour #27: It’s A Neuro State of Mind

I’m really excited to announce that on the CashPT Lunch Hour I interviewed four amazing women! Joining me was Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS, Erin Caudill PT, DPT, NCS, Claire McLean PT, DPT, NCS  and Sarah King PT, DPT. I first met Julie and Erin last fall at the PPS annual conference in Las Vegas where we had the change to party it up at The CashPT Social Hour and then the next night at the PPS reception/Disco Party. Over the winter I connected with Sarah via social media and met both her and Claire at CSM in San Antonio in February.

Sarah, Claire, Erin and Julie have formed a group called the Neurocollaborative with a focus on helping other neuro based clinics grow and expand. I am always on the lookout for examples of people crushing it in a cash-based practice who defy some norm, expectation or myth and they all fit the bill. They all own cash-based clinics who’s focus or target market are patients with neurological deficits and they each do it slightly different and I’m stoked to have had them on The CashPT Lunch Hour to show what they are doing successfully and what’s possible in a cash practice. Enjoy!

It's A Neuro State of Mind! 

A neuro focused cash based practice.

It's not possible right?


In this free live training you will learn: 

  • Learn how Julie, Erin, Sarah & Claire have built successful cash-based practices focusing on a patients with neurological deficits
  • Learn how to create a desirable out-of-network service that patients are willing to pay for directly
  • How to price your services for patients who need 2-3 visits a week for 4-6 weeks
  • Learn the marketing strategies they have used to grow & scale their Neuro based cash practices
  • Marketing in a way that encourages improvement but doesn't promise a "cure"
  • Discover the best ways to successfully grow a neuro population in your practice
  • Learn how they are working to advance #NeuroPTs in private practice via The NeuroCollaborative
  • Discover what you can create in the cash-based, direct pay & out-of-network practice model



Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS




Erin Caudill PT,DPT,NCS


Twitter: @ECaudillPT


Claire McLean PT, DPT, NCS


Twitter: @cemclean11


Sarah King PT, DPTI


Click here to get Sarah's free ebook on how to start your dream practice

Learn more about Sarah's 5 Week Online Parkinson's Booster Program here!

Check out Sarah's 30 Day Parkinson's Movement Challenge here

The NeuroCollaborative:



Twitter: @neurocollab​




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