Embrace the Struggle with Kyle Rice: The CashPT Lunch Hour

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast Embrace the Struggle with Kyle Rice

    Today I speak with Dr. Kyle Rice founder of the PT Hustle. He helps PT students and grads who struggle with standardized exams pass the NPTE. As someone who struggled himself with standardized testing, he now makes it his mission to help others get past the hurdle of the NPTE. Kyle shares how he felt like he had something to prove entering college because he got in despite his low test scores. After…

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Expensive is a State of Mind: CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Our idea of what is expensive or what’s affordable has been skewed by insurance companies. Starting a physical therapy practice or business is not expensive. It’s not expensive if your goal is to help thousands or millions of people and you know what’s possible.  It’s been skewed by the fact that insurance companies are only going to pay $30 no matter what we do. What you really need to thing about is investing. If you…

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Is Patient Drop-off Rate Killing your Practice? with Vikram Sethuraman: CashPT Lunch Hour

struggling with patient dropp-off?

    On today’s episode of the podcast, I speak with Vikram Sethuraman. He is the Founder and CEO of PT Wired. PT Wired is a patient engagement solution that helps physical therapy clinics prevent patient drop-off, improve brand engagement, and boost internal marketing. Each practice receives a fully-branded mobile app available via iOS, Android, and Web that patients can download to access their Home Exercise Program with videos/notes/reminders, as well as engage with clinic…

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CashPT Lunch Hour: Top Questions from Physical Therapy Students

top questions answered physical therapy

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m answering the top 10 questions Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) students have. My friends Sarah Falbo and Gabby Mace over at The GRADitude Podcast sent me these questions to answer. I talk about my favorite books for business and how they have helped propel what I’m doing, like Guerrilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson and Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson. We also get into the benefit I get…

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The CashPT Lunch Hour Ranking Higher on Google with Erson Religioso

Join me today as I talk to my good friend, Dr. Erson Religious, the Modern Manual Therapist, avid Star Wars fan, and expert on Google trends. He’s also a cash-based physical therapist and a drop-shipping wizard. Dr. E tells us how he stays on top of current trends and why it’s important to have your content everywhere. Knowing the difference between what trends fit your goals is the key to between staying current and getting…

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YouTube Growth Hacks with Antonio Sanson: The CashPT Lunch Hour

youtube growth hacks

Marketing can be intimidating, but throw in YouTube to the mix, and you add in an extra helping of anxiety. And why wouldn’t it seem overwhelming considering the factors?     Audio. Video. Multiple platforms. Equipment. New technology.    That’s a lot to think about! My guest, Antonio Sanson, shares his start in the space of digital marketing and how his experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant in a small town led him to success…

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CashPT Lunch Hour: When an Employee Quits

what to do when an employee quits cash PT lunch hour

Join me today as I discuss an inevitable topic, losing an employee!  What do you do when an employee gives their two week notice? The pandemic has been tough, and even though 2020 is over, some of the problems are persisting! This is how I felt when one of my employees gave their two-week notice shortly after PT BizCon in January.   So, what did I do? Did I panic? Celebrate? Mourn? Stop everything? No.…

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Building a Mobile Physical Therapy Studio with J.T. Dulkerian

COVID has brought in a lot of changes in how we do our work and operate our businesses. But for J.T. Dulkerian, nothing’s stopping him from living the life he loves – living in and working in a van. This PT and owner of a mobile physical therapy studio, Pioneer PT, has been busier than ever. In today’s show, he’ll share how he’s been hitting a 5-figure mark amidst the pandemic. He’s been helping his…

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State of the PT Industry: Trends & Predictions in 2021

Now is the best time to start mapping out plans for the coming year! That way, you’ll have enough time to polish your BIG goals and pattern them according to the trends and great opportunities 2021 will bring. Join this live episode of CashPT with Aaron LeBauer and take a peek at what’s IN and what’s HOT in the PT industry in the coming year. He’s got straightforward answers to PTs’ questions about cash practice…

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