The CashPT Lunch Hour Ranking Higher on Google with Erson Religioso

Join me today as I talk to my good friend, Dr. Erson Religious, the Modern Manual Therapist, avid Star Wars fan, and expert on Google trends. He’s also a cash-based physical therapist and a drop-shipping wizard. Dr. E tells us how he stays on top of current trends and why it’s important to have your content everywhere. Knowing the difference between what trends fit your goals is the key to between staying current and getting…

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The Big Conversions You Need In Your Business – Interview with Bedros Keuilian

I’m super pumped about this! So, if you’ve ever wondered why I stopped racing bikes  …how I got into physical therapy  …where I get my super power from  …the #1 thing that keeps business owners from finding success or…  …even just how to sell your products/courses/programs with webinars This episode of the Empire Podcast with my friend and coach Bedros Keuilian will give you the answers! The Big Conversions You Need In Your Business –…

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EP 123: Going All in With Instagram to Grow Your Pelvic PT Practice with Jessica Warnecke

Most people who seek physical therapy have either shoulder or back pain. Many are not aware that some of their discomfort can be alleviated through pelvic floor therapy. Today’s guest is the founder of PACE Physical Therapy, which specializes in orthopedic, sports, and women’s health pelvic floor therapy. Jessica Warnecke joins Aaron as they touch on the details of what pelvic floor therapy entails and why it is not a popular field of practice. They…

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Office Hours: Going Out of Network with Jerry Durham

office hours jerry durham out of network

    “Office Hours” with Aaron LeBauer and Jerry Durham. I invited Jerry to join me for a live Masterclass last year and he joined me at CSM in February for my Office Hours. I teach a live masterclass and hold Office Hours once a month each for my private coaching group and what he taught us is too good to keep behind closed doors. In this exclusive Office Hours Q&A, Jerry answers important questions…

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A Crossfit & Performance Based Physical Therapy Practice

CashPT Cribs #3: Dr. Brian Campbell of Xcell Movement & Performance A few weeks ago I was in Raleigh, NC for the 2nd annual North Carolina Physical Therapy Association (NCPTA) legislative day where we were trying to build support for a modernization of our practice act to include spinal manipulation without a physicians referral. In North Carolina, we have had direct access for about 30 years, however it came with the stipulation of a physician’s referral or prescription (verbal…

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CashPT Cribs: Tour of a Chiropractic Cash-Based Practice

CashPT Cribs tour of a chiropractic cash based practice

I’m super stoked to have had the opportunity to share with you what my friend and colleague Dr. Christopher Anthony has built and achieved. Dr. Anthony is the owner of Trisynergy Chiropractic in HighPoint and Greensboro, NC. In his practice as a chiropractor he only sees 1 patient at a time (90 minute evaluations and 30-45 minute treatments). He treats patients using a combination of Active Release Techniques (ART), Mckenzie Therapy, manipulation, pain science education (he…

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Start Up. Step Up. Stand Out. The CashPT Lunch Hour w/ Paul Potter, PT

In this episode of the CashPT Lunch Hour I had the honor and privilege to interview Paul Potter. I first met Paul earlier this year at CSM 2015. He contacted me about meeting in person and being a guest on his podcast. Right off the bat, I knew Paul was genuinely interested in helping others. He is one of those people who has been in “the game” (the physical therapy one) for a long time and…

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Physical Therapy Student to Cash Based Practice Entrepreneur

This month on The CashPT Lunch Hour I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Kevin Prue PT, DPT, CSCS. Dr. Prue is the only other physical therapist I know, besides myself, who started a cash-based practice right after graduating with a physical therapy degree. We also have a few other things in common, we both live in North Carolina and both graduated from Duke University. Kevin Prue PT, DPT, CSCS is the president and director of Prue…

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What’s In Your Web? A Myofascial Release Cash-Based Practice

In this episode of the CashPT Lunch Hour I had the pleasure to interview Phil Tavolacci MSPT. Phil is the owner of TAVO Total Health, a 100% cash-based multi-therapist physical therapy practice in Silver Spring, MD specializing in John Barnes’ Myofascial Release. Phil recently published his first book, What’s In Your Web?: Stories of Fascial Freedom. I first met Phil about 5 or 6 years ago at a John Barnes Myofascial Release seminar and have…

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