Why I Quit the APTA

why i quit the apta

On today’s episode, I talk about why I quit the APTA.  Did I just trigger you? The APTA has actually done a lot of good for us. Without them, we wouldn’t ’ be where we are as a profession, because they are our ONLY unified voice for legislation! And I was a member for years,…

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Season 3 Wrap Up and PT Biz Con Re-Cap

CashPT Lunch Hour season 3 wrap up and pt biz con 2022

On today’s episode, we wrap up season 3 and re-cap what happened at PT Biz Con 2022! If you were there, I want to say thank you! We were so grateful for our sponsors for making the event possible! Rock Tape Roll Recovery JaneApp: use CashPT in the comment section and you will get a…

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Acquiring a PT Practice with Jerry Yoo

Cash PT Lunch Hour acquiring a pt practice with jerry yoo

On today’s episode, I speak with Dr. Jerry Yoo about acquiring a physical therapy practice. He is the Founder and CEO of Next Level Physio, which is a hybrid physiotherapy-fitness practice devoted to helping active women and men over 40 and their families stay active and fit without medication or surgery. Next Level Physio’s mission…

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New World, New Game: CashPT Lunch Hour

CashPT Lunch Hour new world new game

We are living in a post Covid word and you must adapt. People are online, but don’t want to be seen online. They value their time more than their money, but they are still insecure about their money. They want solutions to problems and often they put their family first. Here’s the problem you are…

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Stop Trading Time for Money with Greg Todd

Cash PT Lunch Hour stop trading time for money Greg todd

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Gregg Todd, one of the world’s top healthcare business coaches. He’s helped thousands of physical therapists renew their careers, restart their lives, and make more money all while helping more people. He’s the founder of Smart Success Health Care Live! Greg is one of my best friends and…

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Online Business Growth Hacks with Dr. Jess Jenney: CashPT Lunch Hour

Online Business Growth Hacks with Dr. Jess Jenney CashPT Lunch Hour

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Jess Jenney. She is on a mission to help PTs avoid burnout and design a career around a lifestyle they love through travel therapy, online business, cash-based PT, and gold-standard jobs. Jess is making 20-30k a month working 2 to 3 days a week helping other physical therapists…

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Drop your Ego | CashPT Lunch Hour with Megan Greco

drop your ego with Megan Greco cashpt lunch hour

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Megan Greco, a certified Athletic Trainer and Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Megan Greco began career in Miami, FL treating Ironman triathletes and marathoners. She worked in outpatient orthopedics in Maryland as a clinic director at Physiotherapy Associates and then started own cash physical therapy office, and has been…

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Quit Your J.O.B with Stefanie McMillin | CashPT Lunch Hour

Quit Your J.O.B with Stefanie McMillin | CashPT Lunch Hour

How Stefanie Quit her J.O.B. and embraced the entrepreneur inside of her! On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Stefanie McMillin, a pelvic floor physical therapist and certified birth doula running a cash practice in Naperville, Illinois. She helps women prepare for and recover from birth. Stefanie has met and worked with hundreds of women over…

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Little Failures are the Gateway to Growth with Alisha Weilfaert: The CashPT Lunch Hour

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast Little Failures the Gateway to Growth with Alisha Weilfaert

  Little failures are the gateway to growth. On today’s episode, I’m speaking with my good friend, Alisha Wielfaert, Founder and Lead Coach at Yoke and Abundance. Alisha is a coach who helps creatives, entrepreneurs, and seekers, going through transitions, align with inner wisdom to create flourishing businesses and lives in 6 weeks. She lives…

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