EP 074: Why You Are Afraid to Ask for Payment for Physical Therapy?

The CashPT Lunch Hour

You can’t own a business without generating income, and you can’t generate income if you aren’t willing to charge for your services. So why are you hesitant to charge what you’re worth? If you’re worried about selling PT, you’re in the wrong mindset. Aaron is going to dig into what you’re actually selling, what you’re…

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EP 073: Live in the CashPT Nation: Are You An Entrepreneur?

If you’re thinking about pursuing the life of entrepreneurship, then you’ll need the blueprint for success. Aaron has traveled this journey for over 6 years now and is ready to help you start yours. Join Aaron in this behind the scenes talk to CashPT Nation and hear why you should consider becoming an entrepreneur now.…

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EP 072: The 10 Successful Habits of Female Entrepreneurs with Michelle Bauer

On the fence about starting your own business? Today, Michelle Bauer shares how she went from fitness trainee to owning 3 fitness studios. Before she was the owner of Nex Level Fitness, Michelle was a mom who wanted to be healthy. What made her take the jump and start her own studio? Listen to find…

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EP 071: Dealing with Patient Objections in My Cash-Based Clinic (Part 2)

What’s the most common objection to cash-based physical therapy? Expense. In this second edition of dealing with patient objections, learn how to tear down the expense objection. Aaron and the team discuss the one question that replaces “expensive” with “valuable”! Listen now to hear how confidence and payment plans create an irresistible service.   “Usually,…

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EP 070: Dealing with Patient Objections in My Cash-Based Clinic (Part 1)

Have you seen an increase in objections from potential clients? Find some help in this special episode! Get a behind-the-scenes look into how Aaron and his team deal with patients who don’t buy into their services. Hear the one question that needs answering to close any sale. If your client would enjoy your service but…

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EP 069: Building a Successful Cash Practice with Traveling Workshops and Dance Professionals with Alexis Sams

Your small client base is just what you need to create epic growth for your business! Alexis Sams is here to tell you how to use simple tools for incredible growth in your small business. As a dancer and physical therapist, Alexis transitioned out of the insurance-based clinics to start her own cash-based project. Now,…

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EP 068: A Bulldog Taught Me How to Change the World Through Dreams

The CashPT Lunch Hour with Aaron LeBauer

Your impossible dreams are possible! Going a little out of the norm, Aaron wants to read you a story today. Sit back and enjoy as Aaron reads the amazing children’s book Charley the Bulldog’s Daring Dream by Andy Frisella. Hear how you can change the world through your dreams and your clinic. If someone has…

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EP 067: The Clinical Gym Hybrid Model in Your Practice with Josh Satterlee

In this episode, hear why gaining more clients is actually the opposite of success! Dr. Josh Satterlee is today’s featured Chiropractic guest. As a Chiropractor, business coach, and owner of Clinic/Gym Hybrid Solutions, Josh wants to help people get healthy and have more time for themselves. Hear why unifying the professions of the health care…

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EP 066: From CrossFit Coach to Facebook Ads Expert with Jacob Campos

Online marketing and Facebook Ads can seem complicated and expensive. But you have tools right in front of you to grow your client list and amplify your value. Aaron invites Jacob Campos, his Online Marketing and Facebook Ads expert, to share 5 ways for you to enlarge your current marketing base. Hear how you can…

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EP 065: How to Get More Leads and Sales with YouTube Videos with Liz Germain

Liz Germain on CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Are you trying to use online marketing to boost your customer traffic? You may be missing out on the most powerful tool out there! Today’s episode features YouTube and Video Marketing expert Liz Germain. There are secrets that you need to know to grow your YouTube channel and Liz is here to share them. Listen…

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