EP 065: How to Get More Leads and Sales with YouTube Videos with Liz Germain

Liz Germain on CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Are you trying to use online marketing to boost your customer traffic? You may be missing out on the most powerful tool out there! Today’s episode features YouTube and Video Marketing expert Liz Germain. There are secrets that you need to know to grow your YouTube channel and Liz is here to share them. Listen…

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EP 064: Creating Massive Success as a Healthcare Entrepreneur with Dentist Mark Costes

Dr. Mark Costes on CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Any healthcare professional needs to be a good entrepreneur. Dentists, physical therapists, chiropractors, or whatever profession you are, you need to know how to run your business. Today’s show features Mark Costes, a dentist, dental coach, private practice coach, and so much more. Mark is the founder of both Dental Success Institute and Horizon Schools…

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EP 063: Successfully Marketing Your Business Online Can Actually Be Easy with Will Boyd

The first steps toward establishing your digital presence? Learn and grow. You’ll hear that and more about digital marketing in this episode with Dr. Will Boyd. Will is the co-owner of Healthy Funnel, host of the Knowbodies Podcast, and a Digital Marketing Consultant. Refine your business and online presence to provide easier access to your…

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EP 062: Going Against the Grain to Start an Online Digital Marketing Business with Alex Engar

Are you struggling to advertise your business or clinic? Can’t find a way to make Facebook ads profitable? Then this episode is for you! Join Aaron as he talks with Alex Engar, a Digital Marketing Expert. Alex wants to help physical therapy entrepreneurs develop strong online marketing strategies. Listen to today’s episode to find out…

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EP 061: Why You Might be Afraid of Success! with John Davidson

If you are struggling to grow your clinic or find success in your practice, it might be because you are afraid of success! Today’s show examines that all you need to offer is the best value to your customers so it becomes easy to find success. In this episode, John Davidson joins Aaron to talk…

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EP 060: How to Leverage Your Expertise to Elevate Your Business with Fitness Coach Eric Bach

Finding it difficult to make your business stand out? Identify your area of expertise and display its value! Eric Bach joins Aaron on the CashPT Lunch Hour to share how he became a successful business owner. As the founder of Bach Performance and Bach Business Coaching, Eric knows how to maximize success in the business…

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EP 059: A Cash-Based Mobile Side Hustle with F. Scott Feil

Mobile Physical Therapy and side businesses can actually be extremely successful. And it’s easier than you think! Aaron invites F Scott Feil, DPT on to the show to tell you how to take advantage of the side hustle opportunity. Listen to hear why you will be risking almost nothing to give a side business a…

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The Top 5 CashPT Lunch Hour Episodes of 2018!

2018 CashPT Lunch Hour

5. EP36: What You Didn’t Learn in PT School About Business, Hosted by Greg Todd Live from APTA CSM 2018 4. EP31: MOVE. LIVE. LIFE. How to start a successful home-based, or travel-based cash practice with David Bayliff 3. EP28: How to Create Value for Patients So it Doesn’t Matter if You Take Their Insurance or Not!…

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EP 058: Transitioning from Clinician to Online Entrepreneur with Chiropractor Dr. Ed Osburn

You can take the marketing skills of the Chiropractic field and apply it to your cash-based PT practice! Join Aaron as he speaks with Dr. Ed Osburn, a Chiropractor and host of the podcast The Chiropractic Philanthropist. Learn how to improve your marketability and increase sales with the help of Ed’s extensive experience. “Entrepreneurs are…

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EP 057: How to Build a Thriving Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice [even in SUPER small town] with Hollan Oliver

Want to know a powerful tool for any practice in any town? Listen to today’s episode to find out how networking can be the key to your practice’s success! In this episode, Aaron interviews Hollan Oliver, the owner of Coastline Therapy and creator of the home exercise software Healigo. Hear how networking let Hollan start…

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