EP 085: Failproof Your Cash Practice with Elizabeth Wergin

Elizabeth Wergin on The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

When you’re stuck in the PT mill, it can be hard to believe that there’s a better way to practice. Elizabeth Wergin found herself at a crossroads last year after a decade in physical therapy: she could walk away from the field she loved or she could take the leap into opening her own clinic.…

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EP 084: Selling Physical Therapy by Asking the Right Questions

How can you immediately get better at sales and generate more income for your CashPT business? All it takes is asking the right questions. In this episode, Aaron shares the top five questions you must be asking potential patients. They’ll stop you from feeling sales-y and explaining your value to people by leading them to…

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EP 083: Using Workshops to Grow Your PT Clinic from the Ground Up with Derek Nielsen

Derek Nielsen on The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

What’s the number one way to get patients into a new cash-based PT practice? Derek Nielsen leveraged the power of community in his first year as a business owner and is already on track to hit six figures in year two. In this episode, he joins Aaron to tell you how he did it. He…

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EP 082: Secrets of Starting a Brand New Cash Practice with Tyler Shelton

Tyler Shelton on The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

What do you need to do to launch your cash practice in the next year? Tyler Shelton is finishing up his CashPT residency and is gearing up to open his practice in the coming weeks. He joins Aaron in this episode to share exactly what he’s done since starting work on his business six months…

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EP 081: CashPT Platinum Mastermind: The Importance of Money Making Tasks

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Is there ever a right time to hire your first employee and start scaling your business? Yes, and the time is probably right now! Everything that happens within your business helps you make money, but not everything is a money-making activity. In this episode, Aaron brings you into the CashPT Platinum Mastermind so you can…

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EP 080: Being Newsworthy and Choosing to See Your Success with Tony Stephan, RD

What does it take to become a go-to expert in your field for clients, fellow entrepreneurs, and the media? Tony Stephan is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer who has been featured on platforms like Fox News, Women’s Health, and Reader’s Digest. After getting his start in personal training at 18, he became an…

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EP 079: Closing Down a Practice to Build an Online PT Business with Andrew Tran

What’s your next chapter in life and business? To elevate your business success, you may need the help of Andrew Tran, a Physical Therapist and entrepreneur who discovered how to promote a brand or message through merchandise and apparel. After starting a traveling PT service, Andrew shifted his entire direction towards his online business Physio…

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EP 078: Telehealth Physical Therapy Business Secrets with Rob Vining

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron talks with Rob Vining, PT who is the co-founder of PTLive and Telehealth expert. Aaron and Rob discuss the ins and outs of Telehealth and how to use technology in physical therapy practice. You’ll learn a lot from Rob by listening to his insights about the…

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EP 077: The 5 Key Aspects of Building a 6-Figure Online Business with Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell on The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

How do you start a 6-figure online business and get over 295,000 followers on Instagram? The perfect example would be today’s guest, Jason Maxwell. After starting JMax Fitness, Jason created massive online success and now helps others do the same. Listen to find out how to get 6,000 followers in 24 hours. In this episode,…

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EP 076: Connecting with Your Personal Why with Elizabeth Brewer

Want to keep growing your business while also having a passion for what you do? Then you need to answer one question that will create unstoppable momentum for your growth. Learn what that question is and more from Dr. Elizabeth Brewer, the founder of Traction Pain Relief & Wellness. Elizabeth shares how her disappointing dream…

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