EP 108: The Exact Checklist to Launch Your Physical Therapy Cash Practice

Thinking about transitioning to a cash-based practice? You need to hear this episode if you want a successful launch. Today, Aaron shares the exact checklist of essential dos and don’ts of getting your business up and running. Grab a pen and jot down these steps or listen to find out how you can download it.…

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EP 107: Scaling Culture & Taking Calculated Risks with Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor on the CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

When you’re a cash-based practitioner, booking and scheduling clients, charting their profiles, and creating invoices can be major headaches that ultimately aren’t moving the needle forward in your business. You have to do everything yourself, or juggle a million apps, instead of spending time where your business needs you to. Today’s guest is Alison Taylor,…

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EP 106: Overcoming Anxiety & Overwhelm for Greater Success with Craig Ballantyne

As entrepreneurs are mostly told to focus on themselves, they tend to end up being frustrated and overwhelmed. People who are not emotionally ready for the challenges and hit the panic button turn out to not do so well in their business. Today’s guest will shine the light on how you should be facing your…

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EP 105: The 1-Minute Solution to Filing Insurance Claims for Your Patients with Bill & Vatsal from Reimbursify


Whenever you visit a healthcare practitioner, you’re left to worry about filing a claim or paying the total cost out-of-pocket. It’s never easy, especially for cash-based clinic patients. Today’s guests are William Brown and Vatsal Thakkar, the founders of Reimbursify. Their app gives patients the 1-minute solution to filing insurance claims. Vatsal is a practicing…

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EP 104: Changing the Culture & Guest Experience in Physical Therapy with Scott Marcaccio

Scott Marcaccio on the CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

People normally go to a General Practitioner whenever they encounter body pains. Physical therapy is overlooked most of the time when it should be the first point of contact. Today, Aaron sits down with Scott Marcaccio, the co-founder and CEO of Myodetox. The company holds a team of physical therapists that help in alleviating body…

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EP 103: Clinical Decision Making & Patient Care Skills with The Rehab Scientist Tom Walters

Most physical therapists are practicing in the traditional clinic-based environment and sometimes that atmosphere can burn you out. Many are scared to transition to cash-based practice due to different possible factors. Today, Aaron and Tom Walters demystify the most common challenges in practicing cash-based physical therapy. Tom shares his journey from being another clinic-based therapist…

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EP 102: How to Build a Global Brand and Impact Millions with Molly Galbraith

Molly Galbraith on The CashPT Lunch Hour

One alternative for people who are in pain is to get physical therapy instead of getting an operation to correct the problem. Today’s guest is Molly Galbraith, who is the founder and owner of Girls Gone Strong. It is the largest educational platform that provides evidence-based information to women and health professionals who work with…

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EP 101: False Success: Lessons from Birthing a Cash Practice and a Baby at the Same Time with Dr. Julie Sergent

Dr. Julie Sergent on The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Don’t believe the lie that you can’t be an entrepreneur and active family person at the same time. Today, Dr. Julie Sergent joins Aaron as she busts that myth and tells all on how she juggles career and motherhood — and does an awesome job at both. She is the founder and owner of Sergent…

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EP 100: 8 Important Business Lessons from 100 Episodes of The CashPT Lunch Hour

It’s the 100th episode of the CashPT Lunch Hour! Join Aaron in this landmark episode where he shares everything he’s learned in hundreds of hours and dozens of interviews on the show. You’ll get tips on structuring, scaling, and growing your business so that you can make more impact — not just with patients, but…

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EP 099: The Secret Formula for Female Entrepreneurs with Jessica Drummond

Who runs the world? GIRLS! In this episode, Aaron is joined by Jessica Drummond, the founder and CEO of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, which helps empower women who suffer from pelvic health conditions. She is a licensed physical therapist, a certified functional nutritionist, and a certified health coach who is currently finishing her Doctorate…

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