Do I Post My Rates on My Website?

Do I post my rates on my website?

I get this question so often. Should you post your rates on your website?

I wish there was a yes or no answer, but it depends on your time and your clinic’s situation.

In this video, I explain what the benefits to each are!

When I first started my practice, I didn’t want to post my rates because I didn’t want them to be my defining thing. I did that for a while, but then I would have people come in and be confused when we didn’t take their insurance. It created some issues because I didn’t know everything yet. I didn’t have all the right questions to ask people in the beginning.

A while later, I decided to post my rates. It was great because people were pre-framed and more likely to book when they called. When you have them on your site, you run the risk of driving people away; however, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re really busy, it can be helpful. It can save you time trying to convince people on the phone and then you won’t have to have as many insurance conversations.

Once I got an assistant, that all changed. Suddenly, she had the time to spend talking to people and asking the right questions. So, we were able to take the rates off the site again.

I hope you guys get it. There are positives and negatives. Just know that when you post rates on your website, you’ll run the risk of driving people away. You’ll also have people who will go through and price-shop certain treatments to find the cheapest in their area.

If you have the time (or an assistant!), it’s always better to talk on the phone with patients and find out what’s going on. Ask them what they want to get back to doing. Explain to them the transformation you can help them achieve and the rates shouldn’t matter.

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