EP 034: How One PT Found $15k In Lost Income By Turning Their Front Desk Into A Sales Powerhouse With Rick Lau


You could be leaving lots of money on the table because you have not properly trained your front desk. Today’s guest, Rick Lau discusses the importance of understanding your call metrics and training your front desk on sales. Discover how you can increase sales without increasing your marketing budget.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t actually picture it.”
-Rick Lau

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Time Stamps:

CastPT Lunch Hour Podcast Aaron LeBauer with Rick Lau

[2:00] – How Rick became a serial healthcare entrepreneur

[7:25] – Common operational problems Rick helps business owners with

[12:40] – Why you need to train your front desk

[15:05] – Why you need to know the analytics of your calls

[23:40] – What metrics you should be using

[25:33] – The #1 mistake the front desk makes on the phone

[29:19] – How to hire the right front desk person

[42:43] – Why you need to constantly need to build a bench

[46:00] – How to get others to buy into your mission




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