EP 055: Good Debt or Bad Debt, Exactly How to Pay Off Your School Loans, Protect Your Assets, Invest in Your Future with Will Butler

More often than not, the root cause of our stress and pain is money. Will Butler specializes in helping people manage stress and pain by managing their finances. Will is a physical therapist turned financial advisor. On today’s episode, Aaron and Will delve into the topic of good debt, bad debt, and how to handle it. You’ll learn, among other things, where and how to start investing even if you still have debt.


You can’t plan a successful business when you’re letting the debt dictate your decision.

Will Butler


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Time Stamps:

[3:17] – Will’s background and what happened to his family that led him to what he’s doing now

[11:40] – How Will transition from being a clinical PT to being a financial advisor

[18:00] – Good debt and bad debt – how to pay your debt by making smart decisions

[25:12] – How to invest in real estate and/or stock market even if you have debt

[31:04] – Credit card, when to use it to loan a car or invest to create opportunity

[32:26] – The importance of putting your money in several ways

[35:53] – Three steps that you can do if you want to start a business or invest while paying a debt

[39:54] – What legal protection you must have for you, your family, and your assets

[44:11] – Will’s money advice for students




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