EP 056: Are you leaving money on the table? Get More Revenue From Membership Programs with Irene Diamond, Founder of Diamond Wellness Center

On today’s episode of The CashPT Lunch Hour, Aaron talks with Irene Diamond.  Irene developed Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT).  Irene got her degree in rehab therapy after she broke her neck at the age of 15 falling off the shoulders of her acrobatic partner and was in complete paralysis. In her practice, Irene helps her patients understand that they can not guarantee they will be 100% by the time they are finished with their sessions, but that her practice makes it very clear on what they can help their patients achieve.

Guarantee them that they will feel that their money and time have been well spent.

-Irene Diamond

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Time Stamps:

[3:50] – How Aaron knows Irene

[5:21] – Number 1 secret to keeping and maintaining your physical therapy career

– What is B.P.S.

[16:15] – Why is public speaking so important?

[21:25] – Irene shares the four phases of care

[27:50] – The infamous “What if” question

[30:40] – What can we guarantee?

[37:02] – Why should we ask open-ended questions?

[40:03] – The number one thing that Irene has learned and integrated into her practice



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