EP 064: Creating Massive Success as a Healthcare Entrepreneur with Dentist Mark Costes

Dr. Mark Costes on CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast

Any healthcare professional needs to be a good entrepreneur. Dentists, physical therapists, chiropractors, or whatever profession you are, you need to know how to run your business. Today’s show features Mark Costes, a dentist, dental coach, private practice coach, and so much more. Mark is the founder of both Dental Success Institute and Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting. He is also the author of the internationally recognized book Pillars of Dental Success. Not only that, but he is also the host of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. Listen now to hear how to be a successful entrepreneur. Start applying these principles and you’ll not only see success, but you’ll see satisfaction.

Effort is more important than talent.

Mark Costes

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Time Stamps:

2:38 – How a broken jaw led Mark to go into dentistry and how he transferred to starting and owning over a dozen private dental practices

7:59 – Why effort is more important than talent and how Mark used his own weaknesses to fuel and refine his strengths

12:26 – The perfectionist mindset: What you may be masking if you are a perfectionist and why you need to get the CEO work done before you get the clinician work done

16:51 – If you have multiple practices, you need to implement THIS principle to streamline your systems and maximize cash flow

22:47 – Dentists have more private practices than physical therapists do. Find out why that is, and how cash-based physical therapists can learn from the dental industry

29:03 – The biggest challenge dentists face when it comes to costs and prices. Hear the 2 main reasons customers reject care from dentists that also apply to physical therapy

33:49 – Your success is built on more than just your services. What Mark noticed would help his practices achieve success and how he started coaching people on this

39:12 – The 1 thing that helped Mark’s coaching career and how The Dentalpreneur Podcast became so successful             

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