EP 067: The Clinical Gym Hybrid Model in Your Practice with Josh Satterlee

In this episode, hear why gaining more clients is actually the opposite of success! Dr. Josh Satterlee is today’s featured Chiropractic guest. As a Chiropractor, business coach, and owner of Clinic/Gym Hybrid Solutions, Josh wants to help people get healthy and have more time for themselves.

Hear why unifying the professions of the health care system will help doctors and patients improve their health fast. Also, learn how you can double your profits while working the same amount of time. That means the same amount of clients! Make more money AND spend more time with your family by using Josh’s tips in this episode!

You can legislate your way into anything, but it doesn’t mean you’re actually good at it.

Josh Satterlee

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Time Stamps:

2:15 – Have patients that you’re struggling to help? Why you might lack the essential knowledge to complete your patient’s treatment

10:27 – How a unified language in health care will improve treatment for patients, doctors, and everyone involved

20:27 – The key to racking up committed clients is not found in numbers. Get your ideal clients through this one principle

26:56 – Build motivation and unlock the universe for your patients by implementing these 2 principles into your approach

34:22 – Chiropractors don’t get the respect they deserve, but there is one place that they are appreciated. What Josh is doing to help raise awareness of the benefits of Chiropractors

42:34 – If you’re motivated by freedom, you’ll want to scratch the model of business you’ve been stuck in your whole career. Double your profit without doubling your fulfillment.

49:26 – Are you still trying to gain success by gaining more clients? Josh tells you why you’re doing business wrong

53:51 – When you look at your priority list, you should be able to have these 3 priorities at the top of the list. Hear how you can fix your priority list if you realize it’s missing things


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