EP 080: Being Newsworthy and Choosing to See Your Success with Tony Stephan, RD

What does it take to become a go-to expert in your field for clients, fellow entrepreneurs, and the media? Tony Stephan is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer who has been featured on platforms like Fox News, Women’s Health, and Reader’s Digest. After getting his start in personal training at 18, he became an R.D. by 23; his online coaching business turned him into a sought-after national expert for the media and a mentor for other dietitians. In this episode, Tony joins Aaron to discuss how you can become newsworthy and choose to see your own success. You’ll hear how to start building a media portfolio, how to leverage your formal training, and how to condition your brain to think like an entrepreneur.


It’s not, ‘I have to,’ it’s, ‘I get to’.

Tony Stephan


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Time Stamps:

1:57 – How Tony went from a fitness fanatic as a teenager to a registered dietitian by 23

14:05  – Nutritionists, weight loss coaches, and registered dietitians: What’s the difference?

19:37 – Throw out your resume! Hear how to separate yourself from other coaches by using social proof to showcase the real-world application of your formal education

23:17 – How to find out the number one thing your audience wants to see from you

24:50 – What you need to do to start building a portfolio and get noticed by the media

30:30 – Get your head out of the clouds: Why it’s okay to “eat dirt” for a while

37:27 – The difference between successful entrepreneurs and failing entrepreneurs. You need to get connected to this one HUGE thing

41:07 – Do you see problems or solutions? How to condition your brain to think like an entrepreneur                   


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