EP 087: Sarah Duvall Sold Her Cash Practice to Help Millions Online with Pelvic Pain

Sarah Duvall on The Cash PT Lunch Hour Podcast

One of the benefits of running a cash practice is the flexibility you have in running your own business: you decide how many patients you treat, the hours you work, and the price you charge. But what if you want more? Sarah Duvall is a physical therapist who found herself frustrated at the lack of accurate information available when she was trying to alleviate her own pelvic pain. After selling her second cash practice, she focused her energy on educating as many people as possible, and now she’s helping millions with her courses and membership sites. Today, she joins Aaron to chat about the resources she’s created for patients and PTs alike. She shares how she started — and sold — two cash-based practices before starting her online business, and how she leveraged email marketing before it was trendy. Sarah says one of the secrets to her success is being opinionated, so you’ll hear exactly why she thinks it’s so important to reach beyond the doors of a clinic to heal the masses. If you’re ready to grow your reach and make your knowledge available, don’t miss the advice she drops in this episode.


The more opinionated I am about something, the more I tend to find my tribe.

Sarah Duvall


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Time Stamps:

1:07 – How Sarah’s experience with physical therapy as a kid inspired her to join the profession

4:42 – Why Sarah started her first cash practice — and how she sold it and opened location number two

13:40 – How Sarah added value to her business to make it worth more at the point of sale

21:07 – Why it’s important to be transparent and opinionated, and why it’s a great thing if not everyone likes you

24:10 – What got Sarah started in the online space, and how she made $1,000 on her first product

30:04 – How Sarah creates material for patients and fellow PTs, and how she keeps them separate in her business

34:21 – Sarah’s number one strategy for making the most of her time, and her favorite way to reach patients and cultivate word-of-mouth referrals 

39:35 – The one thing Sarah would do differently and the biggest thing she’s learned

42:35 – Why Sarah is focusing more on educating physical therapists

47:38 – Sarah’s advice for anyone hoping to run their business online, and her message to women who want to start a family at the same time                                                                           


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Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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