EP 089: How Rob Grupe Overcame Opioid Addiction and 7 Years in Jail to Become a Massively Successful CrossFit Gym Owner and Coach

Rob Grupe

How do you go from a $300 per day drug addiction and a 20-year prison sentence to being a successful gym owner and coach? Rob Grupe is the owner of Twice Bitten CrossFit, a gym dedicated to leveling up clients’ fitness and mindset. Rob has been through his fair share of adversity, and rather than taking the easy way out by playing as a victim, he’s taken ownership and is channeling those lessons into transforming lives. He’s created a culture of trust by being vulnerable about his own story and living by the principle of meeting people where they’re at. He joins Aaron in this inspiring episode to share his journey, his approach to clients that sets him apart, and some advice for PTs looking to connect with fitness professionals. If you want to stop making excuses and letting your history hold you back, don’t miss this episode.


My ‘why’ and my driving force is that, because I did those things and I cannot take them back, the only thing I can do is… try to make every day count and try to make a difference in somebody else’s life.

Rob Grupe


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Time Stamps:

1:11 – The power of addiction: How Rob developed a $300/day drug habit that led to an overdose and 20-year prison sentence

14:50 – Is the healthcare system failing addicts? 

20:38 – Why Rob has dedicated his life after prison to making a positive impact on others

24:20 – How hiring a coach transformed Rob’s life and business after two failed partnerships

26:18 – The biggest breakthrough moment that allowed Rob to get vulnerable and share his story, and how vulnerability can create a culture of trust in your business

33:42 – Rob’s advice for PTs who want to approach fitness professionals and be part of their community

39:30 – Rob’s strategies for retaining clients and customers

41:05 – Why Rob is dedicated to transforming lives for his clients, and his best tip for someone who struggles with mindset

43:49 – The best way to approach a patient struggling with addiction

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