EP 106: Overcoming Anxiety & Overwhelm for Greater Success with Craig Ballantyne

As entrepreneurs are mostly told to focus on themselves, they tend to end up being frustrated and overwhelmed. People who are not emotionally ready for the challenges and hit the panic button turn out to not do so well in their business. Today’s guest will shine the light on how you should be facing your business head-on. In this episode, Aaron is joined by Craig Ballantyne, a five-time author and coach for 7-figure entrepreneurs. Craig is one of the biggest names in the coaching game and, in this episode, he and Aaron discuss overcoming anxiety and overwhelm for greater success. They chat about the importance of having structure in your daily schedule, how you can benefit from hiring a business coach, plus Craig’s high-performance morning routine that you’ll want to steal for yourself. Don’t miss this chance to hear from the best of the best!


The more people I make rich, the more impact I have.

Craig Ballantyne


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In This Episode:

  • Where Craig got his inspiration to start an e-newsletter
  • The advantage of getting a business coach
  • Why you need to create time blocks in your schedule
  • How having structure eventually leads to freedom
  • What your morning routine should be like
  • Why your evening routine is just as important as your morning routine
  • Craig’s book suggestions to help you in your personal and business growth
  • Best advice to get yourself out of the rut
  • BONUS: Design your life based on your long-term perspective


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Aaron LeBauer

Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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