Exactly How to Launch a Free eBook

A big question I get constantly has to do with how to create a free eBook for patients. Today, I wanted to share just how easy it is.

Here are the steps to create an eBook opt-in for patients:

  • Come up with an idea

What are your patients asking you most? Use their language. Maybe it’s “The 6 Things to Do When You Slip a Disc”, etc.

  • Write it in Microsoft Word (or Google Docs, etc.)

Use your word processor and write the dang book! Include links back to your website to schedule.

  • Save the Word Doc as a PDF

The reason we do this is so people can’t change the document and claim it as their own. It also just makes it appear more professional! (And don’t worry, the links you added will stay clickable.)

  • Create a “Thank You!” email with the Dropbox link to the PDF

Do NOT send a ton of emails from your personal email. That is a way to get blacklisted. What you should do instead is sign up for a free trial of Active Campaign using this link! 😀


So, we covered how to deliver it… but how do we get people to request it?

There are a couple different methods. First, you can just create a form on Active Campaign and paste the code it creates into your website. This is called a one-step opt-in. Essentially, you’re just asking people for their information right away.

What we do is a two-step opt-in using ClickFunnels. We have a first page explaining a little about the book and a button where the patient can click if they are interested. Then it takes them to a second page to enter their information. You can actually sign up for ClickFunnels and download a template of the exact funnel we use here!

(With the second method, you just have to make sure to integrate it with Active Campaign so that when they input their information, it triggers the email with the book link.)

Now that you have contact info from potential patients, you can market to them down the line!

Boom, that’s all it takes. I promise it’s easier than it sounds, and once you have this in place, it will work for you all by itself.

If you’re interested in learning about the other systems we use in our clinic, click here!



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