Failure Is Not Fatal: Takeaways from the Empire Mastermind

Last week, I attended my coach Bedros’ Empire Mastermind event. In this video from California, I talk about my biggest takeaways from the meeting and how you can implement them in your own life/business.

There were a lot of big (and small) concepts we learned at the Empire Mastermind, but below are the most significant takeaways I got out of it. Enjoy!

  • Failure is not fatal.

We tend to think failure is the end, that it’s not viable in business. In reality, failure is an opportunity for learning and growth.

Most people will tell you that you can’t start a cash practice, or that it’s too expensive, the list goes on. But you can’t back down and stop. Failure is not fatal.

  • You’ll be between success cycles, and that’s okay.

What are success cycles? In business, this just means you’re growing in the green phase, steady in the yellow, and losing in the red.

Being in between those are okay. What you should do is lean on your peers, coaches, or members of your own Mastermind group. That’s what gets you through the green and yellow, and helps you stay out of the red.

  • Go towards the problem.

It’s important to go towards the threat in your business in order to conquer it. It’s faster than avoiding the problem or running away from it. It’s the same concept as a patient who has back pain that won’t go away until a PT conquers it head-on.


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