Gaining Patients at a New Clinic with Dr. Derek Nielsen

Dr. Derek Nielsen and I were recently recording some videos and decided to chat about the ways he has been gaining new patients in the past four months his clinic, Kaizen Physical Therapy, has been open.

He’s definitely been putting in the hard work, and here’s how!

Dr. Nielsen starts by explaining what he does not do to get patients in the door. He says he has gone down the social media route, but it hasn’t gotten him very far. Instead, he’s focused his time on going out into his community.

The main way Dr. Nielsen has been getting new clientele is the introduction of workshops. For him, it’s going out into gyms and saying, “Hey, I want to do a workshop for your people. What do you think they would benefit from? Here’s some ideas that I’ve done in the past. Which one works for you?”

Dr. Nielsen has done self-myofascial release and back pain workshops, but his most popular and most rewarding has been the full body movement screen. In that one, he gives each individual who attends a one-on-one movement screen and a few things to work on right then and there. Then, if they wish, they can sign up directly to continue working with him in his clinic.

By doing these workshops, Dr. Nielsen has gained relationships with gym owners who can get him into their email lists, plus get plenty of new patients into his doors!

I then asked Dr. Nielsen what else he does to make a return on his investment in his relatively new clinic.

“It’s learning how to sell a discovery visit to a plan of care. Everybody wants to obsess over getting leads, but if you don’t know how to convert a lead, you’re stuck,” he said.

Dr. Derek Nielsen

In Dr. Nielsen’s total body diagnostic visit, he treats them as if they were already his patient. He listens to their story, takes them through a movement screen, and gives them a taste of what they could expect in treatment. They sit down, he gives them a few things to work on and they decide if they want to continue on.

The one thing Dr. Nielsen would say to recommend to new clinic owners is to get out into the community around them!

Go check out Dr. Nielsen’s website for his clinic, Kaizen Physical Therapy!

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