How to Ask for Google Reviews at Your Physical Therapy Clinic

People will typically want to give you Google reviews… but they just don’t know how much you need them! In today’s video, I talk about how to ask your patients for reviews.

First, you want to position from the beginning that people are going to leave you reviews. That goes something like this:

“Mrs. Jones, you just told me that you want to be able to run a 5K without damaging your knees so that you can feel strong and healthy and be a great role model for your kids. If I help you reach those goals, do you think you could help me reach mine? My goal is to help 20,000 people in Greensboro over the next five years avoid expensive imaging and unnecessary surgery.”

Another tip I have is to not wait until the end of their plan of care to ask for a review! If they come out of a session raving about how great they feel, that’s a perfect time to ask! Here’s the way to do it:

“I’m so happy you’re feeling so great. I’m on a mission to ______. Do you think you could help me get to that? The best way is to say what you just said on a five-star Google review!”

You can even help them get to the place to do it on their phone. Just open up Google Maps and navigate to your business, hit the five-star button and have them type what they just said.

Finally, you can also put the fact that you want reviews in your email signature line or text it out to patients!

Recently, one of my coaching clients reached out to her patients via text and she got five to eight new five-star reviews because of it.

People want to leave reviews if they’ve had a good experience with you; they just need to be asked!

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Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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