How to Automatically Ask for Google Reviews from Your #1 Patients

Today I wanted to show you how we get Google reviews automatically and painlessly for our clinic!

The main way we get our reviews is through a mix of emails and a survey.

The first day after seeing us, the patient gets a welcome email, then a couple of days later, a “How are you feeling?” one. After that, they’ll get what we call a net promoter score email. In this email, we say something like this:

“How are we doing? Our goal is not only to help you stay active, mobile and healthy without pain meds, injections or surgery, but for you to be happy with your care and have an exceptional experience here. If you don’t mind, please click here to fill out this 30-second survey!”

We set up the survey in Typeform, and the main question is this:

“How likely are you to refer a family member or friend to us? Rate 0-10.” Then, “Based on your answer to the above question, can you please use a word, phrase or sentence to describe why you gave the answer you did?”

You can also make them more specific, such as asking them about their experience with the front desk, with the therapist themselves, etc.

After the questions, we ask them for their name and phone number. We get a notification when they submit the survey, and if they answered high numbers on the rating system, it redirects them to a thank you message asking for a Google review.

(If you want to see exactly how this works in practice, check out the video above!)

Tada! It’s an automated way to get more Google reviews for your clinic.

If you’re looking for more information on how to set up systems like these in your practice, check this out!




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