How to Create a 6-Figure Physical Therapy Business

One of the number top questions I how to make six figures as a physical therapist. It feels almost impossible especially graduating PT school and coming out with a mountain of student loan debt.
I’ve worked with people that have multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. I’ve also helped them launch and grow successful cash-based practices. 
Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?
“There’s no way I could make six figures in my own business.”
“I’m struggling doing $5,000 a month.”
“I’ve made $70,000 last year, how do I get to six figures.”
“I’m seeing 28 people a week and I’m barely surviving.”
Well, here’s the problem: you’re thinking with your current product, service, and pricing! We have to do math with different numbers in order to create a six figure business. 

Here are are a few things you need to be successful: 

1) You need to know your avatar. This is your perfect patient, customer, or client. I know I’m speaking to Jenny and Robert. I know what color hair they have, where they go shopping, how many kids they have, how much they earn, where they like to work out, where they get their hair done, what color clothes they wear, where they shop online, what facebook groups are in, etc.
2) You need to know your niche. I’m not talking about the techniques you’ve learned or the problem you solve, your niche is who you help in the transformation. At LeBauer Physical Therapy we help active people in Greensboro stay fit, healthy, and strong without pain meds, injections, and surgery. With LeBauer Consulting I help passionate physical therapists scale their time, income, and impact without relying on insurance companies. That’s my niche and it’s very close to my avatar.
3) You need a proven offer. Whether it’s a free lead magnet or enrolling people into your physical therapy program, you need a proven offer and sales process. We aren’t selling physical therapy or a course, we are selling the transformation that we defined in the niche. Now you have to price it accordingly.

If you’d like to scale your business to generate six figures in profit, DM me “Scale me up!” to see the growth you’ve been waiting for!


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