How to Create Passive Income as a Clinic Owner

“Passive income” is a phrase so many want to hear these days.

Today, I chat about the best way to create passive income for your physical therapy clinic.

Look, the easiest way to create passive income isn’t to create something brand new. It’s not to start an online business, though you can certainly do that. What I want to talk about today is the easiest way.

When I thought about what you guys tell me you want, it’s two things: money and time.

Well here’s the deal: the easiest way to create passive income gives you both of those things. It’s hiring an employee!

It’s one of those things that ultimately comes down to raising your rates. If you can’t afford to hire someone right now, you aren’t charging enough.

Another option is to sell a proven product, one that you use and like, one that someone else has already shown works well. The only truly passive income streams have to come from things that are evergreen—things that you don’t have to keep going back to over and over to upkeep.

There are a lot of ways to do business, but if you set up systems and hire someone, you can get both the time and money you deserve.

If you’re struggling with setting up your systems, check out this free training!



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Aaron LeBauer

Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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