How to Double Your Revenue Without Marketing

How to double your revenue without marketing

How do you 2x your business without marketing? I’m going to talk about that today!

Here’s the three ways you can double your revenue without traditional marketing:

  1. Double your rates.
  2. Double your number of clients.
  3. Add an additional income stream.

Double Your Rates

If you’re charging less than $100 for physical therapy right now, you’ve got to raise your rates. Ask yourself what the value is in the service that you provide. Don’t undervalue yourself by charging less.

Don’t get me wrong: it took me a while to learn this. If there’s one place my first business coach failed me, it was in helping me set my original rates. I only went up $10 from where I was doing massage– $85 to $95. Plenty of PT is much less than that, which is crazy!

On the other end though, $300 a visit isn’t unheard of. You can do it. You are worth it!

Double Your Clients

Going from 15 to 30 patients a week is much harder than raising your rates, but it can be done. Go out in your community and schedule workshops, call gyms, put out content on social media. All of this can be done without putting a dollar into traditional marketing.

Check out this previous blog post I did with my former CashPT Resident, Dr. Derek Nielsen of Kaizen Physical Therapy, where he talks about how great workshops were for him!

Add Additional Income Streams

What this can mean is selling products in your clinic such as books or self-treatment tools. It’s not a crazy revenue stream, but it is a convenient up-sell for your patient. Selling them a tool right there will let them start their home program right away instead of procrastinating and forgetting to buy the product online, etc.

Here’s what you need to do. Ask yourself what’s worked in the past. Try out a few new things, and if they fail, keep moving forward.

If you’re struggling with raising your rates or gaining more revenue in your clinic, check out my newest course, The CashPT Marketing System!

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