How to Earn 6-Figures in a Micro-Niche

What is a micro-niche and how can identifying yours help you earn 6-figures?

It all starts with the decision you make today. Where will you be in 3 years? If we map out 4 possible courses of action, the distance between Great, Good, Poor, and Terrible are all very small right now, but the farther along our course we go, the larger the gap is. Taking action today to affect your position in 3 years is the easiest it will ever be. It only becomes more difficult to change course over time. 
Here are the 6 Things to 6 Figures
1) Know your client avatar: You need to know who they are and what they want. What do they want to change in their lives. Why are they asking for help? Where can you find them? Where do they work out, shop, hang out?
2) Know your unique serving proposition: Your USP easily tells someone who you help and the outcome and benefit you help them achieve. This should be easy to remember and should roll off the tongue when you say it. 
3) Know your proven offer: Whether it’s free or paid, you have to have a proven offer because if you don’t, how can you help people? It needs to be something your audience will actually buy. The biggest problem people have is creating something that you know people need.
4) Know your lead magnet: A lead magnet is something free of high value that people are willing to exchange their name, phone number, and email for. Make something short and punchy, like a cheat sheet, checklist, or 5 minute video.
5) Know your email lead nurture system: This is the automated emails that get sent to people when they download your free offer. The goal is to share your story and how you help people so they convert into paying clients. Don’t worry about how many followers you have, one person is enough to start!
6) Know your sales system: This lets you generate sales over and over again. You can do all the sales one-on-one, but if you’re doing that your business growth is tied to the amount of time you spend not the outcomes and transformation that you help people with. When you have an automated sales system, you can stop trading time for money and start helping 10 times the people.
Now here’s the secret: the niche isn’t the thing you do or the problem they have, the niche is who they are and what you help them achieve! 
Your niche is describing specifically who your avatar is and specifically the problem you help them achieve and the transformation you help them make. Your niche should be very specific and easy to say. 
There are many different paths to generating a 6-figure income. It could be as simple as getting a job making $100,000. It could even be selling 87 $97 courses!

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