How to Follow Up with Patients Who’ve Fallen off the Schedule

Today, I wanted to answer a question I got the other day: “What’s a good way to follow up with patients who’ve dropped off the schedule or ghosted after the first or second session?”

The answer? You need to get them on the phone. Period.

If you’re asking this question, then there may have been a miscommunication about what the patient really wanted. Best case scenario is that you promised pain relief and they got it within one to two visits. It’s your obligation to make sure that pain relief lasts, so you need to get on the phone with the intention of seeing them again.

Another thing people can say is that because it was so expensive, they expected to be healed in the first session. They weren’t expecting to have to do the work and just wanted a quick fix. The problem there is that we didn’t have a good enough understanding of what they wanted from the beginning. We didn’t spend enough time asking the right questions.

When you get them on the phone, apologize for the miscommunication and see where they are pain-wise. A great example of what to say to patients who feel as if they are pain-free is:

“Even if you feel better now, I want to make sure you stay that way for years to come.”

The main thing you have to remember is to not let people off the hook that easy. Call them. Text them. Email them. Make sure they get better.

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