How to Get on the Up & Up with Your PT Sales and Marketing

How to get on the up & up with pt sales and marketing

When selling physical therapy, don’t sell physical therapy. Don’t sell dry needling, myofascial release, McKenzie, etc. What you need to do is find out what people want. What are they struggling with? Find out what they want to achieve instead and sell them that. Don’t sell them the treatment technique because then people will price-shop.

It’s not going to work if you don’t know these things and especially if you don’t have a marketing system set in place.

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In the video below, I explain some of the ways you can successfully market your cash practice to get patients on the phone and in the door.

Why consistency is better than boosting

Simply boosting and liking your page isn’t going to work if you’re talking to the wrong people about the wrong things and your only offer is “Book Now!” (If your Facebook business page or website has a “Book Now!” button on it, you need to change it ASAP.)

Facebook’s not going to bring in consistent patients until you work on it consistently. If you’re putting out content and you say that you will be there, people are going to trust you.

You might have a great target audience, but this still happens all the time. People come to me and say they are getting a lot of clicks, but only a few buy-ins. Then when we look at the ad and the sales pages, they are totally incongruent. Congruency is just as important as consistency.THE BASICS FOR MARKETING AND FILLING YOUR PRACTICE IS KNOWING WHO YOUR PERFECT PATIENT IS AND DECIDING WHAT YOU WILL OFFER THEM.

Value is more important to market than price

An example of the reason we need to market value and not price comes from one of my followers, Molly. She recently shared that she lost a patient to The Joint Chiropractic.

There’s plenty of reasons why someone would want to go there versus see you. You may lose someone to The Joint because they want chiropractic and not PT. The patient may understand what chiropractors do better than PTs do because as a profession, we’ve done a poor job of explaining what we do.

You may lose to them because patients don’t value high quality care—they just want a $25 manipulation because that’s what The Joint promises. A $25 snap, crackle, pop. We’re not going to compete with them on price because if you compete with them on price, we’re going to lose. That is a franchise. Their systems are speaking to people who want to only pay $25.

But you can’t just rollover and accept that. The above example is exactly why we have to talk to patients about what they want. We have to have a conversation with them about what it is they want to do. What are they scared about? When we can have that conversation, we can sell them on anything.

What systems do I need to get started marketing my cash-based practice?

  1. An email marketing system using software such as Active Campaign
  2. A compelling offer for people to talk to you on the phone for 20 minutes
  3. A website, email, e-book, or free video series to create leverage

The basics for marketing and filling your practice is knowing who your perfect patient is and deciding what you will offer them. Marketing’s not a quick fix. It takes time. You got to understand that there’s a lot of ways to do it, but the right way is not the way everyone else is doing it.

Remember, it’s all about your patients. It’s not about you and what you’re going to do. It’s about them.

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