How to Sell Physical Therapy on the Phone

Today, I wanted to share this video I recorded with Dr. Tyler Shelton, my current CashPT Resident. In it, we chat about how to sell physical therapy over the phone as he prepares to open his new clinic!

Below are the three key aspects to selling physical therapy over the phone. Watch the video above to hear more specifics. Let’s get into it! 

  1. Focus on the Transformational Benefits

The main thing we need to do when speaking to patients is make sure they understand the transformational benefits of physical therapy. After that, we have to make sure they understand how we can specifically help them. Use stories about similar patients. “I helped someone like you just last week…” etc.

  1. Use “Yes” Questions

Another key tactic is to use questions the patient is guaranteed to answer “yes” to. For instance, “We’ve helped other patients with their balance, and now they are confident and active enough to play with their kids. Is that something you’d be interested in?”

  1. Ask Permission

Make sure to ask permission. The more agreements we can get from our prospective patients, the more they will be willing to agree in the end. Tacking a “How does that sound?” onto the end of other questions is a very common and great one to ask.

In the end, the most important thing to focus on is your patient’s “why.” They don’t necessarily want to hear the exact techniques you can use to help them; they want to hear that they will be able to get back to playing with their kids again.

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